Monday, February 16, 2009

Randomosity and a Talking Toddler

Hammin it up! I need to take more pictures..pretty dismal selection from the past two weeks!
It finally warmed up enough to let Evelyn play in the snow. She liked it a lot. She doesn't have snow boots and I can't get myself to cough up $15 for a pair to wear a few times. She got really dirty and I had a hard time with it but kept telling myself that everything is washable!

I have been CRAZY BUSY with Punkerdoops Diapers. A really great thing for the business, a not so great thing for blogging! I need to catch up on 2 weeks of all of my dear blogging friends' blogs!
Punkerdoops received an awesome article in the local paper - a feature story in the Lifestyles section. It brought in a lot of customers and I am truly, truly thankful. If only I could get free advertising like that every week! :-) I have a few other marketing things coming up and I am hoping that word of mouth about how great cloth diapering is starts to get around in the community!
Evelyn is talking like crazy but is also in some weird funk where she cannot settle down to get to sleep at night and whines and says "NO" a lot... She is more determined than ever to get her way, but unfortunately Jason and I only understand about 27% of the words that come out of her mouth. The rest is in Evelyn-ish...far from English. She did manage to repeat "Gosh" over and over just like Daddy after he exclaimed it tonight in frustration. Our little repeater! Another favorite word is "strawberry" which sounds a lot like "strawberry" now - a few days ago we thought she had an imaginary friend named "Debby" that she talked a lot about while in her highchair. It all makes sense now.

Evelyn prefers to mostly eat various forms of "dips" lately instead of any real food. This consists of a lot of ranch and sour cream with some spatterings of ketchup, mustard, honey, and even Louisiana hot sauce. We found she eats best and the most when we go to Sam's Club for Sunday afternoon samples. She won't eat at home, but she'll chow down there. Her favorites are rotissere chicken and Cup-o-Noodles. Nice...

Another blog-worthy laughable moment was last week when we decided to be all spontaneous and leave the house ON A WEEKNIGHT. Yep, we never go anywhere on weeknights. Anyhow, we wanted a popcorn maker where it is a metal pan that has a turn crank handle that moves around the seeds. We heard that they sold them at a local store called "Farm and Fleet." Well, we had a gift card for $25 to a store called "Fleet Farm" where the closest store is a 30 minute drive away. (I am not making this up. The stores have different names but are like exactly the same store minus the name. Apparently it is due to some brothers fighting as they started a chain of stores!) So, rather than getting our stuff from a store 15 minutes away, we drove to the location that would take our gift card. We got up to pay and found out that the gift card was only for 38 cents. We must have used the rest of it a long time ago and had forgotten about it... So, we drove a half an hour to spend a 38 cent gift card. It was a nice memory though. Evelyn loves to run around in stores and she liked sitting on the big lawn mowers. Oh, and to top it off, we got gas at the attached gas station to the store before we did our shopping and when we checked out we were given a 4 cents off per gallon coupon! :-)
So, there you go, some randomosity and Evelyn cute-ness!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Target Redeems Themselves

This story over at Adventures in Babywearing totally redeems Target's horrible return policy. I know that I have complained about them, but taking back USED PREGNANCY TESTS shows that they are indeed worthy of my patronage! Steph is a great writer and has adorable kiddos - another great post from her!