Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No time for captions!

Pics from dance recital extravaganza weekend, Mother's Day (I had a great first one - thanks, Honey!) and from around the house lately. The order is quite messed up! Sorry!

Note: my Dad was in a father/daughter hip-hop dance...he does not normally dress like that! :-)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Quick Run-down

It has been a CRAZY last couple of weeks! Hence, no posts and very little reading of anyone else's blogs.

Here is a quick run-down of what has been going on at the Our Love Story house:

  • We sold our house in late April. There were a few bumps in the road regarding the inspection. We had to take money off of the price to compensate for the aging roof. We also had to pay $950 to mitigate the radon level in the basement. Never knew what radon was before... It is pretty nasty stuff. The buyers paid for the radon test, but we legally had to pay for it. All in all, we are trying not to think about all of the money that we lost and just be thankful that we have sold the house as many are still for sale in the neighborhood. Being together (all week :-) again as a family is priceless.
  • We found a house in the new city about a week after we had the offer on our house. Just like we were suspecting, God knew that our new house wasn't ready yet so that is why it took so long to sell this house. It is a nice 3-bedroom ranch built in 1976. I am most looking forward to the larger kitchen and windows and patio doors that face the backyard and playset. I can already imagine our kids playing on that playset and me watching them out the kitchen window! Praise the Lord we got the house - we acted fast and beat out several other buyers. Unlike the housing market here, the market in the new city is hopping!
  • Dance Recital Extravaganza Weekend was last weekend. My mom had her recital on Friday night and my step-mom's studio had their's all weekend - we attended the Saturday night show. I always love to see my siblings (yes, even my brothers dance adorably) dance! It does make me miss dancing SO much. I don't dance, sing or act anymore - I miss that chance at creative outlet. I hope I can take a dance class, join a choir, or sing on a worship team after we move and are settled in. I am very proud of my mom and step-mom for their great choreography. The shows were both great, and as always, get better every year.
  • Due to our situation, I caught a ride with Jason and stayed with my Anderson family for the week before the recitals. This way, I avoided a 5 1/2 hour car trip alone with Evelyn. The week went by fast and was filled with costume and hairpiece making and other recital preparations. My mom makes most of her costumes! We also got to stay with the Johnson fam after my stepmom's recital for a night. Great Grandma Jane was also in town from Phoenix. We saw lots of other relatives at both recitals, too. It is great to see (aka show Evelyn off to) them! :-)
  • After the weekend, Evelyn and I took the Amtrak train home. This was a nice way to travel. Evelyn thoroughly enjoyed being out of a carseat for travel! We were blessed with double seats the whole time and I was able to watch most of my mother's day gift from the Johnson's, "27 Dresses," on our portable DVD player. The train was delayed by almost 2 hours due to track work. And, my porr friend Tessa got lost coming to get us at the train station. So, it was a much longer journey than expected, but still better than a van ride alone with an infant (yeah, I get to do the 4 hour ride alone on moving day. Start praying now as Evelyn usually gets the "mommy entertainment show" during long rides while daddy drives...)
  • I am crowned! The crown on my back molar is on. I managed to totally grind my temporary crown to a sharp peak. My cheek is glad to have that thing gone! This confirms my suspicion that I do indeed grind my teeth. I have a constantly sore and clicking jaw. So, I pretty much already knew that I grind my teeth and need a mouth guard. I tried an over-the-counter version once that failed miserably as I could not close my lips over it... A story for another post.
  • Evelyn is a little Cheerio lover!!! She also likes fruit puffs and these rice wafers that I found. I gave up on baby food a long time ago as she never liked it. But, my little babe loves to gum these new treats that I have been feeding her. I even managed to pass one back to her at a stop light today - great new distraction!
  • Evelyn is also in love with trying to kneel or stand, but can only do so with assistance. She knows all of the ways her body moves and she is screaming for freedom (sometimes even literally!) Diaper changes and putting her into the carseat have sometimes been challenging lately as she tries to roll away from me. She might be one of those kids who skips crawling...we'll see! I really want her to learn everything in her own time and not be forced to move to a milestone. And, I really don't mind any days she give me of being immobile - I know life will get even crazier when she is mobile!
  • We had a rockstar weekend of garage sale-ing. I hope to post about all of my great deals!
  • Packing is coming along slowly but surely. Jason is much better at staying on top of it and that motivates me - I am the procrastinator. The big move day is June 6th. We plan to have the 26 foot U-Haul packed up Thursday night and then Jason will drive it over on Friday morning. Both home closings are on Friday. I am planning to be at a friend's house on Thursday night so that I don't have to sleep on a floor and then try to drive alone with a baby under a very important time crunch.
  • I can't remember everything else that I wanted to say. It is getting late. Oh, one thing - don't expect too many posts from me as we are in the midst of craziness. And, I am not sure if we will have internet at our new house. Still crunching the budget numbers. We shouldn't get it, but I/we really desire it... The only reason we have it now is because I had gotten it for work and then kept it to stay in better touch with Jason and not be so lonely while we are apart. We would like a home phone too and possibly basic cable (not sure what will happen when the whole digital TV thing changes as we don't have digital TV's and have not done a lot of research about the converter boxes). Ooh - that reminds me - So You Think You Can Dance - my all-time FAVORITE show starts this week! I am SO excited!

Take care everyone! We'll keep you posted!