Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I (Amber) have this despise for packing! I think it maybe stems from my childhood - packing to head to the other parent's house to stay for the weekend.

My particular disdain is packing clothing. How am I supposed to know what I will want to wear days from now???!!! I am the type of gal who dresses how she "feels" that day. Thus, making it very difficult to know what I will want to wear in advance. Then there is the brain-racking that I need to do to remember which outfits I wore the last time we went to visit - heaven forbid I would wear the same outfit on two visits to my in-law's right?! I know it doesn't really matter, however I like to show some variety in my wardrobe!

I have found that making a packing list is a necessity when going on long trips. Running through every item of clothing that I am currently wearing helps when packing for a weekend trip (socks and underwear are usually remembered in this visualization exercise!)

I also have two small cosmetic bags that are always packed for traveling - one with shower gear and one with other travel toiletries. This helps to ensure that I don't forget things like shampoo and toothpaste!

I speak of this because I need to pack. I am heading off for a work conference tomorrow and will be gone for two nights. (I already miss Jason just thinking about it!) Trisha and I are working on packing of all the promo stuff we need to take from work, so we have DOUBLE packing duties in that we have to go home and pack our own stuff!

I hate that gnawing feeling when you know you're going to forget something! Hopefully nothing important, right!?!

What is the worst thing you have forgotten to pack???

p.s. Don't even get me started on packing to move! You don't want to go there!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Do you REALLY believe that what you believe is REALLY REAL?

So this weekend Amber and I went to a training conference called, "The Truth Project". It was a great time spent in Minneapolis, and we believe God is calling us to an even higher task. We're going to be leading this study eventually, and we would like your prayers as to who is going to come and how we are going to facilitate it. It challenges our beliefs and causes us to look deep into why we really believe what we believe. To better understand it....take a look at the website....Truth Project

We're stoked about it!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Costume Day

For our monthly "social" at work, we had a costume theme today. Our "posse" represted well enough to earn the prize for the "most creative" costume! I helped tatoo my co-workers, including three "teardrops" on Trisha, signifying the successful three drive-by shootings she has committed.

I think that the black lip-lined red lipstick look works for me, what do you think???

Friday, October 06, 2006

Apparently I just can't win!

So, yesterday I got pulled over on my way to work. Way to start the day!

What was I pulled over for, you say? DRIVING TOO SLOWLY!!!

I was driving in the left lane with a state trooper in the right lane for a good 12-14 miles. I just kept my nice speed of 64 mph. The speed limit reduces to 55 right when you hit the city. So, at the warning sign, I started to reduce my speed so that I was never speeding. A white car ended up merging in front of the trooper. I found myself needing to enter into their lane so that I could exit. What to do? Speed to pass the white car? "Um, no" says me, the woman with 3 speeding tickets already in her 25 years of life. So, I put on the turn signal and wait for the trooper to let me in.

Immediately upon merging into the right lane, the lights went on and my heart starting beating like in the cartoons - I could swear you could see it pounding through my shirt! He makes me sit there FOREVER and then comes up saying,"Is eveything okay?" "Yeah...why?" "Well, maam, you were going below the speed limit for quite some time." He asked me why I slowed down BEFORE crossing the county line... (Is it a crime to NOT slam on your breaks in semi-traffic!?!) I proceeded to explain that I was just trying not to ever speed! He let me go without even looking at my driver's license, telling me to "drive carefully."

This leads me to the feeling that apparently I just can't win. I never knew it was a crime to drive to drive the speed limit.

Have a great weekend, folks!

RIP Precious!

So today we say goodbye to the delightful precious that took my brother-in-law and my younger sis on journeys even they thought they would never be on. The car has traveled from coast to coast...and now we must say goodbye. Unless you can be restored by a miracle. You will be missed precious...and Sarah......Welcome to the Sub family....Subarus are faithful little cars...and even though boxy and not pleasing to the eye (Older versions) they will carry you through thick and thin!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Our new addition to our cozy little living room...here come the romantic nights!

Could I have asked for a better wife? I think not....Only God could have blessed me with such a wife!

Mates for life!

Serious shot

Some pictures of us strolling through the woods....whoa! Who is that behind us?

My radiant, beautiful wife! Oh how I lover her so!

Sarah, you sure get excited about picking mushrooms!

So this last weekend was also an opportunity to catch up with family....The sisters, brother-in-law, and parents. Haven't seen my younger sister in months...and this is what we get....talk to the hand! =)

Fall colors

One thing is for sure...we never go hungry when we visit my parents!

Fall Weekend! Amber and I went to my hometown to celebrate my Dad's birthday, and also to see family and just hang out. Awesome fall colors up there! Here is Dad...still my hero...amazing how much drive he has. He is supposed to be retired, but started his own business....We love you Dad!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's all in the name

Trisha and I were talking yesterday about the names our parents were going to give us if we were boys. Trisha was going to be named Timothy Patrick. I was going to be named Clint (oh yes, after Mr. Eastwood!)

I am not sure what Jason's name was going to be if he was a girl, however I do know that his mom and dad were not in agreement with Jason. Rich dad wanted to have a son named Jesse. Sharon prevailed and named him Jason, however this did not stop Rich from calling Jason Jesse as a kid! "Jesse, hand me that wrench!" was apparently not uncommon! I will have to let Jason elaborate more on this if he'd like to!

So...What was your name supposed to be if you were the opposite sex?

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

~Amber Elizabeth