Friday, October 06, 2006

RIP Precious!

So today we say goodbye to the delightful precious that took my brother-in-law and my younger sis on journeys even they thought they would never be on. The car has traveled from coast to coast...and now we must say goodbye. Unless you can be restored by a miracle. You will be missed precious...and Sarah......Welcome to the Sub family....Subarus are faithful little cars...and even though boxy and not pleasing to the eye (Older versions) they will carry you through thick and thin!


Sarah said...

so funny...thanks guys..gave me a great smile...all is well here now and title is officially switched to the all I need is a infant car seat in the funny because I vowed I would never drive a station wagon or mini van...and last year I drove Sankeys minivan to take kids and now 2006 finds me with the wagon...where is this picture from?

Our lovestory... said...

The picture is a pic I grabbed online...not yours, but similar...who knows...maybe precious will someday drive again. They should do a show called...extreme car makeover...Nissan edition!