Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stuff & Things

No patience to re-organize the pics! This is at a family restaurant and Evelyn ordered her own food with the waitress - chocolate milk and chicken dumpling soup!
Princess Ariel for "Trick or Treat" day!

Evelyn's Dora cake! I couldn't believe we had enough people that this cake was GONE after serving!
Baby Boy at 20 weeks.
WOW - unintended blogging sabbatical. I blame it on a) first trimester exhaustion/sickness b) keeping up with a 2-year-old c) facebook d) busyness/working e) feeling like there is too much to "catch up" on...

So, rather than filling in all the details from the last uhm...4 1/2 months, a few important details instead.

Our family is growing! Baby Boy is due April 5, 2010. We are having a home birth and are super excited about it! The pregnancy is going well so far and once again I am enjoying being pregnant. Goals before baby comes: potty train Evelyn (huge regression occurred with her but now she is getting back on track so to speak with plenty of bribery) and get Evelyn to sleep in her own bed (at least part of the time). Help/advice welcome! :-)

Evelyn turned two on August 29th. She is a great talker and singer! She says things like "I want a really good sandwich." And, "I really don't like that." "Hmmmm..." before she answers a question and many other adorable things that my pregnant brain can't recall! We are amazed by how many songs she knows! Every night before she falls asleep I have to sing "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. She loves her mermaids! She knows the whole song too, although some of the words are a little hard to make out! But, "Jesus Loves Me," "Whole World in His Hands," and other kid standards are as clear as a bell. She is really into helping me cook lately, loves to play outside, "read" herself books, play with her new Discovery Toys marble toy, tell us about Dora episodes, and watch movies of herself on the computer. She is a great joy!
Punkerdoops Diapers is growing every week! I had a couple of slower months, but my selection is growing and new customers are continuing to come out of the woodwork. I feel good that I am spreading the cloth diapering and baby carrying love across our local area! Jason keeps making my store/shoppe room look better and better! He just turned the closet in the shoppe room into more display shelves and added a light. It looks great and allows for way more products to be displayed - thanks, Babe!
I have also neglected reading I apologize that I don't know much of what is going on in my bloggy friends' lives!
I will try to be better at posting!!!