Monday, December 29, 2008

Crud & Thrush

We have all been under-the-weather for a while. Evelyn started us off with an ear infection in early December and then Jason and I have had progressive random virus things that are spiraling into other things. We have had massive sore throats, swollen glands, goop coming out of eyes, and phlegm up the wazoo. I was really in pain from my glands being so swollen and was annoyed that swallowing was so painful so I went to the doctor on Friday assuming that if I didn't, I would end up in urgent care over the weekend because my sinuses would be totally infected or I had Strep somehow despite my 6th grade tonsillectomy.

Mrs. Doctor was "on the fence" about giving me an antibiotic, but since I had been sick for so long, she gave me an Rx for 5-day Zithromax. I know I have taken WAY too many prescriptions in my lifetime already and probably should not have gone in to get this one because lo and behold, I have taken 4 days and even though I think it took the edge off of my sickness, I am coughing now (yay), my throat still hurts, and now I think Evelyn has Thrush in her mouth from the antibiotic. Nice. And, since she's been sick the whole month I have been letting her nurse more and it has become a favorite pastime of hers to just want to sit and nurse. So, since Thrush sounds like a doozy to get rid of, I am wondering when I will get it on my ni**les (don't want my blog coming up on naughty Google searches!)

So, instead of a lovely Christmas wrap-up, I am asking my faithful bloggy friends to let me know any secrets you have to:
1) Dealing with Thrush (we both had some chewable acidopholus tonight and I am considering getting powder to make into a paste for E's mouth. Anyone tried the dr prescribed cure? I might get that soon is the acidopholus doesn't do the trick right away).

2) How to keep kids healthy and off of antibiotics? Evelyn has been on them three times already in her 16 months for ear infections (too much already in my opinion.) And, I am the queen of hand sanitizer already! :-)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

4 Years of Wedded Bliss

Happy Anniversary, my Love!

You are already in bed, but for 10 minutes it is still our anniversary and I wanted to shout out at the top of the bloggy world how much I love you and am so blessed to be your wife! I will save the rest of the mushy stuff just for us - I said a lot of it in your card! But, I truly adore being your wife and I am so proud to call you my husband. I do hope and pray that I can always make you happy and that I enrich your life and fulfill my role as a help-mate to you.

I would say we had a great anniversary, wouldn't you?

Brittany was gracious and watched Evelyn last night so that we could go on a date (our whopping 3rd since she was born! :) Evelyn did great away from us and we enjoyed a HOT and a bit fancy-shmancy meal simultaneously and engaged in great conversation. We drove around and looked at Christmas lights on our way home - just like we did on the way to our wedding reception. Such great memories!

I loved your card to me and will always treasure exchanging cards as it is a time when we both sit and write a love note to each other - those words are always so tender and great reminders of how much we love each other and what we appreciate in the other person. I loved sharing bowls of Kemp's Candy Cane ice cream as we watched parts of our wedding DVD (oh-so-glad we have that) and talked about how great that day was, but about how the adventure of doing life together is even better than that one day in our past.

I love you SO much, Jason! Happy Anniversary!

Love your wifey who adores you,
p.s. Don't be surprised if I break out my wedding day tiara sometime soon - seeing myself in it makes me feel like getting my "princess on" someday soon!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


My sister Brittany and her daughter Sophia have been staying with us for a little while. It has been fun to have the company during the day and the girls LOVE having each other to play with! Sophia is almost 1 - the girls are one day shy of exactly 4 months apart. But, Sophia is already a great little walker, so they keep up with each other just fine. It is simply hilarious and so sweet to see them play - they'll talk baby talk to each other and will chase each other around the house. They do everything together now including snacking, bathing, and walking into dark rooms together on little adventures. Evelyn calls Sophia "Baby" and her favorite things are gently stroking the top of Sophia's head and trying to pick her up while saying "Up! Up!" They are also feeling comfortable enough with each other to play tug-of-war with toys or snatch things out of each other's hands...Jason said he's gotten a few glimpses of what it will be like some day when we have more than one child!
It has been so precious to watch these two playing and growing in their friendship! I just know they'll be Best Friends Forever! (And, I am hoping that also elevates me to Sophia's favorite Auntie too since I'll be her BFF's Mommy!)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

She Takes Her Oral Hygiene Seriously

Apparently Evelyn hadn't flossed recently enough because on Sunday she was sitting on my lap when I felt a "plop" and realized it was the button off of my sweater. Evelyn had pulled the string all the way off and was flossing her teeth with it. This is me pretending to have a "stern" face while she continued to floss away!