Sunday, December 14, 2008


My sister Brittany and her daughter Sophia have been staying with us for a little while. It has been fun to have the company during the day and the girls LOVE having each other to play with! Sophia is almost 1 - the girls are one day shy of exactly 4 months apart. But, Sophia is already a great little walker, so they keep up with each other just fine. It is simply hilarious and so sweet to see them play - they'll talk baby talk to each other and will chase each other around the house. They do everything together now including snacking, bathing, and walking into dark rooms together on little adventures. Evelyn calls Sophia "Baby" and her favorite things are gently stroking the top of Sophia's head and trying to pick her up while saying "Up! Up!" They are also feeling comfortable enough with each other to play tug-of-war with toys or snatch things out of each other's hands...Jason said he's gotten a few glimpses of what it will be like some day when we have more than one child!
It has been so precious to watch these two playing and growing in their friendship! I just know they'll be Best Friends Forever! (And, I am hoping that also elevates me to Sophia's favorite Auntie too since I'll be her BFF's Mommy!)


Madeline said...

I just love watching babies interact. It's so sweet. I bet it's a blast for you two sisters to have babies of similar ages.

Shannon said...

I hope Sophia (and her mama) will be around on Wednesday...she's such a cutie!

Lucky little girls to have live-in playmates...even if it is temporary :)

auntie autumn said...

amber unfortunately i dont think sophia is dumb enough to pick a favorite auntie! she loves us all silly!! :]