Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Worth the Read

This is a Party Platform Comparison Resource and is highly informative as to the direction that each party wants to take our nation. It is an unbiased resource that merely "cuts and pastes" statements from each party's platform and gives links to the full platforms of each party.

Check it out!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I used some deodorant that I had in a bin. I used to have a bad habit of stocking up on toiletry items that are on sale and then forgetting I have them... I also seemed to go through a stage when I received tons of bottles of smelly lotions as gifts. I am a plain lotion plus perfume kind of gal. Not a scented lotion kind of gal. That is beside the point. But, what I was trying to get to was that I found of stash of Secret deodorant tubes that were living amongst an assortment of smelly lotions in a random bin when we moved.

I used a brand new tube of the deodorant one day and found myself with stinky armpits by lunchtime. So, I gave that tube away to one of my teenage sisters thinking that it maybe my mom pits had outgrown Secret or something. (Sorry to Moriah...I think she was the unfortunate sister that inherited said deodorant...if you haven't done it yet - THROW IT AWAY! Or, you might find yourself alone at the lunchroom table :-)

You see, I found more of those deodorants from that lotion bin and inspected them more carefully to see that they had all expired in April 2006. Who knew deodorant expired?!? My brief experiment with the old deodorant would make me a firm believer that deodorant does indeed expire and should not be used if more than two years has passed since its expiration.

Now go and inspect your deodorant stashes for expiration dates! :-) Wow, I really used the word deodorant a lot in this post!

Friday, October 17, 2008

There's Nothing Quite So Dangerous As The Average American Voter

My oh my! I borrowed this clever title from Jennie - one of my favorite bloggy friends! Take a listen...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Learning to "Meow"

This is a time of great learning - she understands and attempts more language every day. Babies are great!

She walks!

Not the best quality, but it is something to start with! We noticed her arms have already lowered considerably as she walks - she used to walk with them straight up in the air!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


...Makes messes! This was while I was trying to make dinner.
..,Plays "peeks" with us!
...Walks - very well! With her arms up in the air, I might add! She is already FAST, too! Sorry - the camera was full and the action shots are hard to get. Video and pics coming soon!
...Pats her babies - aw!
...Climbs! And, subsequently, gives Mommy mini heart attacks!

...Gets bigger every day. Sigh! :-)

Happy Autumn!

Jason has been busy raking lately, too. Evelyn loves to be outside more and more every day. She begs to go on the swing by going "ah! ah!" as she points out the window!

The apple orchard a few weekends ago was great fun! Evelyn had her first jump in a "bouncy house." Good times! They had my favorite, Haralson apples. And, the best part was we bought "seconds" which are just too small to be "premium" apples and so we got 5 lb bags for $2 each - what a steal! Crunchy and tart - yum!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Our political yard sign was stolen two nights ago. I am SO angry about it! How DARE someone come on our private property and steal. Do you really think that action is going to make me think any more highly of your political party?!? Absolutely not.

As Jason put it, the vandal would get so much more accomplished campaigning during his/her time than going around stealing. This morning we noticed the identical sign missing out of our neighbor's yard. The vandal was apparently back!

Apparently many signs have been stolen in our area as well as burned right on the metal stake. Break-in's have also occurred. Nice. We live in a very nice area and I never thought this would have happened around here.

Frustrated and angry? Yes. Deterred to vote for what I believe in because of some immature person's action? Heck no!

Now I just have to decide if I want to play a game with this vandal and go get another sign for him/her to steal. Or, save the campaign headquarters' money by not putting more bait out on the lawn.

***Updated: Jennie had a good point in her comment that I forgot to include - we did report it to the police as soon as we noticed. The good people who gave it to us at the headquarters gave us an instruction sheet that told us to report stolen signs! :-)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fireproof Your Marriage

Jason and I went to see this movie tonight and it was really wonderful and such a blessing. I encourage anyone to go see it - especially people who are married. It touched me in many ways and moved me to tears many times - be sure to bring the tissues! My mom asked Jason if it was a "chick flick," and he replied with a strong "no." So, wives, you can tell husbands that it at least has Jason's vote. They also have a great website for the film here.

This movie is worth the splurge of going to the theaters and is really worth not waiting for the DVD to come out in January!!!

Step By Step

Evelyn has been standing well for at least a month - getting steadier by the day. She LOVES to push her toys around - Mr. Hippo, Pony - the favorite, and the $0.75 garage sale push cart. She can really whip and maneuver her toys around. She pushes them from room to room and stops to exchange one for the other. She rarely crawls anymore, just pushes something to her next destination instead. We really need to get more of the action on video and pictures - this pic is a month old but was the only one I had of her standing.
Tonight, after we all put our shoes on to go for a walk, Evelyn totally shocked us by taking 3 steps!!!! She did her 3 steps twice, then refused to repeat it for the rest of the night. But, it was a big deal for us - we are so proud of her and enjoy watching her grow and change each day. Today was also the first day she blew kisses! A big day for the baby book!