Saturday, October 11, 2008


Our political yard sign was stolen two nights ago. I am SO angry about it! How DARE someone come on our private property and steal. Do you really think that action is going to make me think any more highly of your political party?!? Absolutely not.

As Jason put it, the vandal would get so much more accomplished campaigning during his/her time than going around stealing. This morning we noticed the identical sign missing out of our neighbor's yard. The vandal was apparently back!

Apparently many signs have been stolen in our area as well as burned right on the metal stake. Break-in's have also occurred. Nice. We live in a very nice area and I never thought this would have happened around here.

Frustrated and angry? Yes. Deterred to vote for what I believe in because of some immature person's action? Heck no!

Now I just have to decide if I want to play a game with this vandal and go get another sign for him/her to steal. Or, save the campaign headquarters' money by not putting more bait out on the lawn.

***Updated: Jennie had a good point in her comment that I forgot to include - we did report it to the police as soon as we noticed. The good people who gave it to us at the headquarters gave us an instruction sheet that told us to report stolen signs! :-)


Jennie C. said...

well, you should at least probably report it to police, if you haven't already.

Bla Bla said...

what I think is ironic is some of the yards I see political signs in....if you have enough passion to support your candidate then have enough energy and passion to keep your yard from looking like TRASH!
(meaning, cut your grass once in a while and pick up your beer cans!)