Saturday, October 18, 2008


I used some deodorant that I had in a bin. I used to have a bad habit of stocking up on toiletry items that are on sale and then forgetting I have them... I also seemed to go through a stage when I received tons of bottles of smelly lotions as gifts. I am a plain lotion plus perfume kind of gal. Not a scented lotion kind of gal. That is beside the point. But, what I was trying to get to was that I found of stash of Secret deodorant tubes that were living amongst an assortment of smelly lotions in a random bin when we moved.

I used a brand new tube of the deodorant one day and found myself with stinky armpits by lunchtime. So, I gave that tube away to one of my teenage sisters thinking that it maybe my mom pits had outgrown Secret or something. (Sorry to Moriah...I think she was the unfortunate sister that inherited said deodorant...if you haven't done it yet - THROW IT AWAY! Or, you might find yourself alone at the lunchroom table :-)

You see, I found more of those deodorants from that lotion bin and inspected them more carefully to see that they had all expired in April 2006. Who knew deodorant expired?!? My brief experiment with the old deodorant would make me a firm believer that deodorant does indeed expire and should not be used if more than two years has passed since its expiration.

Now go and inspect your deodorant stashes for expiration dates! :-) Wow, I really used the word deodorant a lot in this post!

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Jennie C. said...

I don't know. I've had some Dove that I got for almost free 8-10 years ago and we are only just now finishing it up. It still works fine!