Tuesday, October 14, 2008


...Makes messes! This was while I was trying to make dinner.
..,Plays "peeks" with us!
...Walks - very well! With her arms up in the air, I might add! She is already FAST, too! Sorry - the camera was full and the action shots are hard to get. Video and pics coming soon!
...Pats her babies - aw!
...Climbs! And, subsequently, gives Mommy mini heart attacks!

...Gets bigger every day. Sigh! :-)


Shannon said...

...is a darling kiddo.

cjoy said...

HOW CUTE. She looks so snuggly sweet. :)

Oh, the climing.

Miss C was on an end table before a year old (and wasn't even walking yet!).
Last night, Baby J was standing at the tub while I ran some water for his bath. He kept lifting his leg as though trying to figure out how to climb in. I'm so not ready yet!