Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

We're off in the morning to visit my (Amber's) family! So, here is a very Merry Christmas and happy new year post for all of you! We didn't quite get to Christmas cards...

But, please humbly accept this post as a greeting to you all - may Jesus, the reason for the season, richly bless you this Christmas and always!

Jason, Amber, & Evelyn

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, my Love!

Life is so much better because I am your wife! I know we will have many, many more happy anniversaries to come if we keep loving God and loving each other more than ourselves!

I love you to infinity and beyond! You make me the happiest woman alive!
I have to go - the present we gave each other for our 2nd anniversary is awake from her nap!
Always and Forever,

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Do NOT operate a motor vehicle while overwhelmed, rushed, and distracted

So, this is a follow-up to my post late Wednesday night. First thing Thursday morning I did get a shower. Evelyn received a bath first, as she had a "blow-out." (It wasn't a "trifecta" - poops, peeps, and a spit-up going all over, all at once - I do have previous stories about those too for later :-)

Anyhow, I managed to get some more work done and was feeling like things were all going to be alright for the day. I decided to run to the grocery store for a few sale items and some clementines which I am still sitting here craving (I never made it to the store as you will realize as you read on)...

Important background knowledge information piece #1: Starting working has been a small nightmare. Regardless of the fact that my boss has been trying to get affairs in order at the University I work at since September, many wrenches have been thrown in the works. A certain someone in the finance department obviously does not want me to be working at home. She would not approve my job description, phone, Internet service, or laptop - all things that pretty much hamper my ability to work. And, to top it off, until yesterday, I was NOT back on the payroll - yes, working for FREE. This all has made me VERY frustrated and irritated.

Important background knowledge information piece #2: Evelyn does not like her car seat. She is becoming more tolerant of it, but she does not like it. She will escalate her screaming about being in the car seat to a point where she is red in the face, choking, and unable to even snap back into reality she is so upset.

Flashback to Thursday: Evelyn was not liking it as I buckled her into the car seat on Thursday afternoon. Work phone rings - it is the lady from HR who has promised to call me back about 50 times in regards to my payroll status but never calls. I had to take the call. She had no good news. There was still no progress towards getting back onto the payroll.

We live in the Midwest - the very FRIGID Midwest. After hanging up, I made some irritated noise, and then went out to start my car. (I have to interject - Evelyn won't sleep - Jason is playing with her - and she is LAUGHING! That is NEW - only happened one other time - and we are talking I just witnesses some MULTIPLE laughs. Simply joyful and splendid!). Back to the story - started the car and wanted to back up to not have exhaust enter the car. Remember, Evelyn has been strapped in, going nowhere, for almost 10 minutes - NOT GOOD.

Some stupid stick came and hit me before I decided to back up. This is evidenced by the fact that I backed up my car with the driver's door OPEN. Yes, I do have a master's degree and received straight A's while receiving it. No, that doesn't ensure that I will act with common sense in all occasions.

I drive too far back and smashed my door into the garage door track and part of the wood of our house. Car door won't shut. The shock is followed by the panic and waterworks. I freak out and dread calling Jason.

He rushed home to assess the damage. It is bad. New garage door track needed. New car door and front fender needed.

It makes me sick to even think about it. Jason has had to spend too much time trying to fix the damage - time that would so be better spent on other things.

I am very sorry that I did this stupid thing. The only thing that I can do is vow to NEVER do it again and to realize that I probably should have postponed my grocery store trip based on the fact that I was overwhelmed, rushed, and distracted.

That's my sad story for the day. But, at least we are all safe and healthy. It could have been worse.


Our Little "Punkin'" - Evelyn

Evelyn is such a joy! She wakes up in the morning ready to smile! We engage in many long talks - she'lll talk almost non-stop for 5 minutes! She looks straight into your eyes and talks with many facial expressions and vocal tones. Sometimes her little tone of voice makes me feel like she is lecturing me - telling me to stop worrying and to just play with her and enjoy each moment.

People kept telling us that she was "colicky," but God placed a library book in my hinds and I ended up taking her in and she was diagnosed with acid reflux. She takes horrible tasting medicine twice per day, but it certainly has helped take away her pain.

We are currently working on her sleeping schedule/habits. She used to only sleep in our arms. She started taking occasional naps in the swing. She now sleeps for 30-35 minutes in her crib. I am still working on a way to get her to sleep longer. Sometimes (like right now) I still let her sleep in my arms - for she seems to go down better for bed if she gets at least one longer nap.

Many more sleep and mommy stories to come - I have so much to tell! But, typing with one hand is cumbersome!

Until then, bye!

Amber & Evelyn

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I almost forgot how to post!

Hello blogger friends!

Internet was installed and up as of last night. Until now, 10:11 p.m., I have not had the chance to look at blogs because I was too bogged down by work emails.

I went to bed last night dreading looking at the rest of the emails (I barely made a dent before I gave up and went to bed) and I knew that I had many more to send to people.

I sit here, ashamedly, in the same pj's that I woke up in this morning... Some other mom - please admit to me that this has happened to you at least once, too! My shirt has a little spit-up on it - it's a good day when I don't get poo on me! :-) (Evelyn is quite a little pooper - at least one "blow-out" a day!)

I hope to post some pics and share some of my MANY stories soon! She is so precious - I am trying to take the time to just stare at her each day - for she seems as if she has grown and changed every morning when she smiles at me in bed.

Glad to be back!

I will do my best to post tomorrow - that is after I get a shower!


Friday, November 09, 2007


Evelyn I'm sure will become a dancer like her mommy and grandmas...This is her in her first set of ballet shoes. Good thing we put them on her, b/c her feet are almost too big for them already! She's growing so fast!

Evelyn's first road trip...

With G'pa Bart...
With G'ma Jeanne...
With Great G'ma Beverly...
Evelyn in her roadtrip seat...
Mommy and Evelyn...

Evelyn's first road trip!

Last weekend was Evelyn's fist road trip. She did fairly well..our normally 5 hour drive turned into an 8.5 hour drive, but quite the memories let me tell you. The hardest parts for her were when it was dark out, but we managed! Pics following....

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

She melts our hearts!

Hello everyone...

It's Jason again. Amber still doesn't have internet for her job yet, thus the reason for the delay in having her make posts...but soon...

Amber and I are just enjoying the heck out of our little princess! Everyday she does something new, and is just a bit bigger. We've recently realized that her favorite song is "Singing in the Rain"....probably because mommy sings it to her all the time and she has a little ducky that sings it too. It lately has been the only thing that calms her at times. She also has grown very fond of the baby b'jorn. She loves cooking with mommy and watching mommy do daily activities. She's fighting off a cold she's had for the last week, so she's a little cranky at times...but we still love her! It's just amazing that God has blessed us with such a bundle of joy. It makes us tear up when we get to see her smile and talk to us in her "booos, and goos" language. Here are some more pics...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our little peanut!

Sorry everyone for not posting on here in such a long while. We've been very busy to say the least...learning a lot about being parents that's for sure. Amber's had her hands full since day one, and we have been having visitors quite often. Once we get internet at home I'm sure Amber will start posting more, but to get you up to are some pics of our little Evelyn. She has been such a blessing, and she is even talking a bit (in the form of saying "goooo, or "boooo").

Life has definately changed for us, but we couldn't imagine a day without our little hazelnut with us. (Evelyn means hazelnut we found out). Please don't give up on our will be revived in the next few weeks...we just have to get internet at our home....
To Maki, Jennie, CJoy, Trisha, Sarah Cool, and who ever else we have linked to our blog....Amber misses reading your blogs, and looks forward to the day she can start reading them again...hang in there...we'll be back!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Adjustment time!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind words and congrats on welcoming Evelyn into the world. Amber and Evelyn are doing well, although the last few days it seems Evelyn is quite fussy/restless. We're trying to figure out if it's a growth spurt, or Amber's diet, or possibly something else. Sleep is something we cherish from the past, but one look into Evelyn's eyes, and we forget all that.

We've been adjusting fairly well. We're taking lots of pictures, and when I get a chance I will post some more for everyone. For those of you who have Amber's phone number, you're more than welcome to call her...and I'm sure she'd appreciate hearing a voice. I know she misses all her blogging friends, and looks forward to the day when she can communicate with all of you again.

Until next time....

Monday, September 03, 2007

Announcing Evelyn Elizabeth!!

Evelyn Elizabeth was born Wednesday, August 29th at 11:16 pm. She weighed 6lbs 8oz and was 18 inches long-she's a little peanut!!
Labor story and more details to come. We're all doing great. Thanks for all your prayers, and support. Enjoy the pictures of our little bundle of joy!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007 we come!!!

Just wanted to keep all of our blog readers up to the minute....

Amber will no longer be able to post for a few weeks because she is about to deliver our little girl.

Without getting too much into the details, as of last night Amber has been experiencing some "new" things. This morning she went in, and she is 90% efaced, 1.5cm dialated, and the baby's head has dropped significantly...and the midwife said we should be seeing our little one between now and 3 days from now! Just waiting for the contractions to start becoming more consistent and closer together....and then we're off to the hospital....

I promise I'll post pics of our precious baby when she arrives, but until then....keep Amber and I in your prayers!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Baby Girl's Room

We were hoping to have it COMPLETELY ready before the "reveal." But, time is running short, so I might as well show off what we have done so far!

Jason did a great job painting this dresser! It was a great find at a local church garage sale. God had it ready just for us - I saw it on the church lawn on my way to work. We also bought the matching twin bed frame that Jason will eventually paint for her. I think we paid a total of $20 for both the dresser and bed frame!

The Goodwill lamp base and shade we found stopping there on a whim. With two dance teacher moms, I had to add my own spice to the lamp with some rhinestones! I love bling and anything that glitters! I also sewed the runner with leftover fabric from her quilt.

The quilt I made is large enough for a toddler bed, so it doesn't quite fit in the crib. I had some extra blanket binding and fabric, so I made her a little blankie that she can have as her "special" blanket if she so chooses to have one! Also, this pic shows the beautiful way that the crib skirt turned out - my Mom and sister Autumn made it over their July 4th stay! I helped pin!

This is a pretty good shot of the curtains - they match the crib skirt. Also courtesy of Mom and Autumn! I have to point out the wicker hamper - $3 garage sale find! And, the changing table, $15 garage sale find! Oh, and if you don't remember, the crib was Craig's list. I love to see all of my deals and steals in there!

We want to paint pink, purple, yellow, and orange daisies on the walls. We have the paint and home-made stencils (made from enlarging the scanned daisies from the curtain and crib skirt fabric) ready to go. Maybe this will be a Labor Day labor-inducing activity! :-)

Hope you like it! We sure do! We also purchased a rocker/glider with ottoman off of We are very happy with it. It is in our living room for now, but it will eventually find a home in her room. I figure I might want it out in the living area for when we first come home from the hospital for all of those feedings!

Congrats Meg and Adam!!!

The happy couple during their beautiful and quaint ceremony!

The reception was HOT, but so much fun! Beautiful setting in Meg's parent's backyard with delicious food and great company. We especially thought that the favor - a pine tree sapling from the Arbor Day Foundation - was great! SO Meg!

A picture of the three amigas from college...ah, seems like ages ago! Julie, Meg, and I have many, many fond memories of our college days. It was great to reunite for such a happy occasion!

Congrats and Best Wishes again to Meg, Adam, and Rosie (Adam's daughter) - you make a wonderful family!

Elliot's Birthday!

Happy 6th Birthday, Elliot (our nephew)! We were glad to be invited to your Playmobil Pirate party!

Little bro Nate!

Elliot and his friend in their pirate ship! Andrea always creates such neat games for the kids! Not to mention, the extremely creative pirate foods - gold nuggets mac 'n cheese, ship hotdogs with sails, cannonball grapes, and more!

Big sister Hannah concentrating as she "walks the plank."

Thanks again for having us at your party, Elliot!

Jason's Family Baby Shower

The following weekend, July 29th, Jason's sister Andrea, Mom Sharon, and sister Sarah threw us another splendid shower! Andrea did a great job decorating her home. We had been there the previous evening for Elliot's 6th birthday party - a pirate theme (see pics above - I blogged out of order). So, it was quite the transformation as we arrived the next afternoon for the shower!

Lots of delicious food - as always!

Some of our guests: (Great to the baby) Grandma Diane at bottom left, Pat, Auntie Rita, Auntie Elaine, Roxanne, Auntie Loni.

Andrea, the goregeous hostess with the mostess! I will never live up to her parties!

Hannah (baby's oldest cousin) was a great helper during gift time! She kept all of the gifts together! Hannah also did a great job with the fun games we played - baby BINGO, guess the baby food in the jar, and a memory game of a basket full of baby goodies.

The shower was so wonderful and once again filled with so many blessings! Our baby has everything she needs due to everyone's generosity. Most importantly, she has so many people that already love her!!!