Saturday, December 08, 2007

Do NOT operate a motor vehicle while overwhelmed, rushed, and distracted

So, this is a follow-up to my post late Wednesday night. First thing Thursday morning I did get a shower. Evelyn received a bath first, as she had a "blow-out." (It wasn't a "trifecta" - poops, peeps, and a spit-up going all over, all at once - I do have previous stories about those too for later :-)

Anyhow, I managed to get some more work done and was feeling like things were all going to be alright for the day. I decided to run to the grocery store for a few sale items and some clementines which I am still sitting here craving (I never made it to the store as you will realize as you read on)...

Important background knowledge information piece #1: Starting working has been a small nightmare. Regardless of the fact that my boss has been trying to get affairs in order at the University I work at since September, many wrenches have been thrown in the works. A certain someone in the finance department obviously does not want me to be working at home. She would not approve my job description, phone, Internet service, or laptop - all things that pretty much hamper my ability to work. And, to top it off, until yesterday, I was NOT back on the payroll - yes, working for FREE. This all has made me VERY frustrated and irritated.

Important background knowledge information piece #2: Evelyn does not like her car seat. She is becoming more tolerant of it, but she does not like it. She will escalate her screaming about being in the car seat to a point where she is red in the face, choking, and unable to even snap back into reality she is so upset.

Flashback to Thursday: Evelyn was not liking it as I buckled her into the car seat on Thursday afternoon. Work phone rings - it is the lady from HR who has promised to call me back about 50 times in regards to my payroll status but never calls. I had to take the call. She had no good news. There was still no progress towards getting back onto the payroll.

We live in the Midwest - the very FRIGID Midwest. After hanging up, I made some irritated noise, and then went out to start my car. (I have to interject - Evelyn won't sleep - Jason is playing with her - and she is LAUGHING! That is NEW - only happened one other time - and we are talking I just witnesses some MULTIPLE laughs. Simply joyful and splendid!). Back to the story - started the car and wanted to back up to not have exhaust enter the car. Remember, Evelyn has been strapped in, going nowhere, for almost 10 minutes - NOT GOOD.

Some stupid stick came and hit me before I decided to back up. This is evidenced by the fact that I backed up my car with the driver's door OPEN. Yes, I do have a master's degree and received straight A's while receiving it. No, that doesn't ensure that I will act with common sense in all occasions.

I drive too far back and smashed my door into the garage door track and part of the wood of our house. Car door won't shut. The shock is followed by the panic and waterworks. I freak out and dread calling Jason.

He rushed home to assess the damage. It is bad. New garage door track needed. New car door and front fender needed.

It makes me sick to even think about it. Jason has had to spend too much time trying to fix the damage - time that would so be better spent on other things.

I am very sorry that I did this stupid thing. The only thing that I can do is vow to NEVER do it again and to realize that I probably should have postponed my grocery store trip based on the fact that I was overwhelmed, rushed, and distracted.

That's my sad story for the day. But, at least we are all safe and healthy. It could have been worse.



cjoy said...

Oh Amber!! I'm so so so sorry that happened. Some day you will tell Evelyn all about that day and sigh and at least chuckle--probably while reassuring her that being a new mom is not easy, but definitely survivable. Even if the clementines aren't readily available for a few more days.

As for the finance lady at work--she's jealous because she still has to go to the office every day (she'd probably get fired for going to work in her pj's!).

Anonymous said...

Don't worry! This story will be told over and over. It will start, "Remember when mommy..." No big deal life fix things and move on. The good news is that everyone is safe, safe, safe! I miss you, I really want to see miss baby girl :)


Carbon said...

I had a friend who did the exact same thing to her car! Door and garage door had to be fixed. The sad thing is she didn't even have mommy-brain or was sleep deprived or dealing with baby in the backseat. She has no kids! hahaha. THAT is a lot worse!

I'm glad nobody was hurt, that is more important than a bruise to the ego ;)