Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I almost forgot how to post!

Hello blogger friends!

Internet was installed and up as of last night. Until now, 10:11 p.m., I have not had the chance to look at blogs because I was too bogged down by work emails.

I went to bed last night dreading looking at the rest of the emails (I barely made a dent before I gave up and went to bed) and I knew that I had many more to send to people.

I sit here, ashamedly, in the same pj's that I woke up in this morning... Some other mom - please admit to me that this has happened to you at least once, too! My shirt has a little spit-up on it - it's a good day when I don't get poo on me! :-) (Evelyn is quite a little pooper - at least one "blow-out" a day!)

I hope to post some pics and share some of my MANY stories soon! She is so precious - I am trying to take the time to just stare at her each day - for she seems as if she has grown and changed every morning when she smiles at me in bed.

Glad to be back!

I will do my best to post tomorrow - that is after I get a shower!



Jennie C. said...

Amber, I'm so glad you're back online! I've been eagerly awaiting your tales of new motherhood.

Can't help with the pj's, but I can totally relate to the spit up and the poop. :-) Especially the spit up. Quite a perfume, isn't it? :-)

cjoy said...

Welcome back!! I've been eagerly awaiting your return to blogland! I look forward to being in touch more again!

Pj's...oh yeah, been there, done that more than once. If you promise not to tell, I recently (in the past month kind of recent, and that's without a newborn just yet!!!) spent 36 hours in the same sweats/top. Yup. Some days are just like that, and it's really okay. Don't beat yourself up. Just don't do it every day! :)

"See" you soon!!