Saturday, December 08, 2007

Our Little "Punkin'" - Evelyn

Evelyn is such a joy! She wakes up in the morning ready to smile! We engage in many long talks - she'lll talk almost non-stop for 5 minutes! She looks straight into your eyes and talks with many facial expressions and vocal tones. Sometimes her little tone of voice makes me feel like she is lecturing me - telling me to stop worrying and to just play with her and enjoy each moment.

People kept telling us that she was "colicky," but God placed a library book in my hinds and I ended up taking her in and she was diagnosed with acid reflux. She takes horrible tasting medicine twice per day, but it certainly has helped take away her pain.

We are currently working on her sleeping schedule/habits. She used to only sleep in our arms. She started taking occasional naps in the swing. She now sleeps for 30-35 minutes in her crib. I am still working on a way to get her to sleep longer. Sometimes (like right now) I still let her sleep in my arms - for she seems to go down better for bed if she gets at least one longer nap.

Many more sleep and mommy stories to come - I have so much to tell! But, typing with one hand is cumbersome!

Until then, bye!

Amber & Evelyn

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Anonymous said...

Most reflux babies like to sleep propped up. It feels better on their throats and keeps the acid down. Hang in there, it usually starts getting better around 3 months.