Friday, August 24, 2007

Jason's Family Baby Shower

The following weekend, July 29th, Jason's sister Andrea, Mom Sharon, and sister Sarah threw us another splendid shower! Andrea did a great job decorating her home. We had been there the previous evening for Elliot's 6th birthday party - a pirate theme (see pics above - I blogged out of order). So, it was quite the transformation as we arrived the next afternoon for the shower!

Lots of delicious food - as always!

Some of our guests: (Great to the baby) Grandma Diane at bottom left, Pat, Auntie Rita, Auntie Elaine, Roxanne, Auntie Loni.

Andrea, the goregeous hostess with the mostess! I will never live up to her parties!

Hannah (baby's oldest cousin) was a great helper during gift time! She kept all of the gifts together! Hannah also did a great job with the fun games we played - baby BINGO, guess the baby food in the jar, and a memory game of a basket full of baby goodies.

The shower was so wonderful and once again filled with so many blessings! Our baby has everything she needs due to everyone's generosity. Most importantly, she has so many people that already love her!!!

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