Friday, August 24, 2007

Baby Girl's Room

We were hoping to have it COMPLETELY ready before the "reveal." But, time is running short, so I might as well show off what we have done so far!

Jason did a great job painting this dresser! It was a great find at a local church garage sale. God had it ready just for us - I saw it on the church lawn on my way to work. We also bought the matching twin bed frame that Jason will eventually paint for her. I think we paid a total of $20 for both the dresser and bed frame!

The Goodwill lamp base and shade we found stopping there on a whim. With two dance teacher moms, I had to add my own spice to the lamp with some rhinestones! I love bling and anything that glitters! I also sewed the runner with leftover fabric from her quilt.

The quilt I made is large enough for a toddler bed, so it doesn't quite fit in the crib. I had some extra blanket binding and fabric, so I made her a little blankie that she can have as her "special" blanket if she so chooses to have one! Also, this pic shows the beautiful way that the crib skirt turned out - my Mom and sister Autumn made it over their July 4th stay! I helped pin!

This is a pretty good shot of the curtains - they match the crib skirt. Also courtesy of Mom and Autumn! I have to point out the wicker hamper - $3 garage sale find! And, the changing table, $15 garage sale find! Oh, and if you don't remember, the crib was Craig's list. I love to see all of my deals and steals in there!

We want to paint pink, purple, yellow, and orange daisies on the walls. We have the paint and home-made stencils (made from enlarging the scanned daisies from the curtain and crib skirt fabric) ready to go. Maybe this will be a Labor Day labor-inducing activity! :-)

Hope you like it! We sure do! We also purchased a rocker/glider with ottoman off of We are very happy with it. It is in our living room for now, but it will eventually find a home in her room. I figure I might want it out in the living area for when we first come home from the hospital for all of those feedings!


Jennie C. said...

Your baby's room looks lovely, and so do you. Look at that belly! I love a nice, round, pregnant belly. And it's almost time...I'm so excited for you!

cjoy said...

12 days left...I love the delicious anticipation at this point...savoring the last days of real sleep and pregnancy, waiting with bated breath to hold your newborn in your arms. :)

What a lovely room! It is obviously a labor of love and you have SO many details added...runners, bling, etc. Great job!

Alix said...

You two did such a wonderful job on the room, what a welcoming place for a little baby. And great job on all the deals, you're my idol!

Carbon said...

Great job on the room btw! Your little girl will love it.