Monday, October 16, 2006

Do you REALLY believe that what you believe is REALLY REAL?

So this weekend Amber and I went to a training conference called, "The Truth Project". It was a great time spent in Minneapolis, and we believe God is calling us to an even higher task. We're going to be leading this study eventually, and we would like your prayers as to who is going to come and how we are going to facilitate it. It challenges our beliefs and causes us to look deep into why we really believe what we believe. To better understand it....take a look at the website....Truth Project

We're stoked about it!


Our lovestory... said...

So, yeah. Jason and I have this thing where one of us thinks something and the other does or says it before we can! This was one of those instances! I wanted to basically write this same post.

PLEASE check out the Truth Project's website and watch some of the footage - awesome!


Anne said...

Thanks for stopping by on Sunday. It was so nice to see you both - it has been way to long!

Enjoy your small group. It sounds very interesting. You'll be great teachers!