Friday, October 06, 2006

Apparently I just can't win!

So, yesterday I got pulled over on my way to work. Way to start the day!

What was I pulled over for, you say? DRIVING TOO SLOWLY!!!

I was driving in the left lane with a state trooper in the right lane for a good 12-14 miles. I just kept my nice speed of 64 mph. The speed limit reduces to 55 right when you hit the city. So, at the warning sign, I started to reduce my speed so that I was never speeding. A white car ended up merging in front of the trooper. I found myself needing to enter into their lane so that I could exit. What to do? Speed to pass the white car? "Um, no" says me, the woman with 3 speeding tickets already in her 25 years of life. So, I put on the turn signal and wait for the trooper to let me in.

Immediately upon merging into the right lane, the lights went on and my heart starting beating like in the cartoons - I could swear you could see it pounding through my shirt! He makes me sit there FOREVER and then comes up saying,"Is eveything okay?" "Yeah...why?" "Well, maam, you were going below the speed limit for quite some time." He asked me why I slowed down BEFORE crossing the county line... (Is it a crime to NOT slam on your breaks in semi-traffic!?!) I proceeded to explain that I was just trying not to ever speed! He let me go without even looking at my driver's license, telling me to "drive carefully."

This leads me to the feeling that apparently I just can't win. I never knew it was a crime to drive to drive the speed limit.

Have a great weekend, folks!


Sarah said...

tell me the truth, when you got back on the road did you say to yourself, "I cant wait to post this story on my blog"...:)

Our lovestory... said...

I was quite shaken up. After telling the story a couple of times I decided that it would make a good posting. I was followed by another cop for a mile this morning in our hometown. I was hoping the whole time that I would not be given a reason to blog again today!

CORRECTION: I was also realizing that I only have gotten 2 speeding tickets. Been pulled over like 5 times, but only two tickets.

Have a great day, all!

Carbon said...

That is so funny. Good story.

Going too fast and too slow might confuse people around you, likely to cause accidents, that's why they pull you over.

Our lovestory... said...

I understand if you're going really slow, but 53 in a 55???


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