Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I (Amber) have this despise for packing! I think it maybe stems from my childhood - packing to head to the other parent's house to stay for the weekend.

My particular disdain is packing clothing. How am I supposed to know what I will want to wear days from now???!!! I am the type of gal who dresses how she "feels" that day. Thus, making it very difficult to know what I will want to wear in advance. Then there is the brain-racking that I need to do to remember which outfits I wore the last time we went to visit - heaven forbid I would wear the same outfit on two visits to my in-law's right?! I know it doesn't really matter, however I like to show some variety in my wardrobe!

I have found that making a packing list is a necessity when going on long trips. Running through every item of clothing that I am currently wearing helps when packing for a weekend trip (socks and underwear are usually remembered in this visualization exercise!)

I also have two small cosmetic bags that are always packed for traveling - one with shower gear and one with other travel toiletries. This helps to ensure that I don't forget things like shampoo and toothpaste!

I speak of this because I need to pack. I am heading off for a work conference tomorrow and will be gone for two nights. (I already miss Jason just thinking about it!) Trisha and I are working on packing of all the promo stuff we need to take from work, so we have DOUBLE packing duties in that we have to go home and pack our own stuff!

I hate that gnawing feeling when you know you're going to forget something! Hopefully nothing important, right!?!

What is the worst thing you have forgotten to pack???

p.s. Don't even get me started on packing to move! You don't want to go there!


Anonymous said...

jason, you didnt say... what will you do at home alone for 2 nights???
amber...you look absoluntely beautiful in anything you wear, and seriously,
i cant remember what i wore yesterday sometimes....so i figure , if i cant remember,,, then who else will remember??
i pray for traveling mercies for you..
hurry home..
love, momB

anne said...

The worst thing that I forgot to pack was the leotard for our danceline costume my senior year! Oops! We were all the way in Hutchinson and it was going to be the first time that we performed our Jazz Funk routine for State. I remember how sick I felt when I realized that and when I had to tell Jeanie! Thanks again Jeanie for letting me still dance! You are the best:) FYI: it was not a competition - just an exhibition...thank goodness!