Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Home Sale Update #2

We accepted the counter offer on Monday night. It was not quite "our bottom line" price, but we didn't want to lose the deal. We are losing money on this house as we are selling only two years after buying it in a better market and we put quite a bit of cash into renovating it. But, we are trying to look at it like a break even if you calculate the amount we would have been paying in rent the last two years. We are just thankful that we have an offer and that we have a light at the end of the tunnel!

The closing date was June 1st on the offer, but we've since realized that is a Sunday. So, we are in the midst of figuring out a new closing date that is around the 1st. We don't know where we are moving! Jason has been looking at houses in the new city and nothing has really stood out to us. The hard part is that the market there is SO much better than it is here - we have been interested in houses but never were even able to see them because they sold within three days of listing!

Jason is looking at two potential houses tonight, so we'll see how that goes. We keep saying that God was keeping us from selling our home because our new house was not ready yet!

The inspector is dropping off the radon test on Friday afternoon and the inspection is on Sunday. So, we'll be even more calm next week when the results of the inspection come through. We just had an inspection two years ago, so we feel pretty good about things. Like I mentioned before, it is just the roof - we knew we would probably have to replace it within five years of our purchase and this past winter had record snowfalls and was really rough on roofs in the area. But, God is in control!

We'll keep you posted! Thanks for all the prayers, good vibes, and crossed fingers!


Anne said...

wow! this is great. i am so happy for you guys!!!

Jenn said...

I love the idea that your house wasn't ready for you yet! What a great attitude to have!

Carbon said...

Oh I'm soooo glad that part is taken care of, now just have to find a house! I'm crossing fingers for you :)