Thursday, April 24, 2008

Goodbye tiny baby stage

Last week was bittersweet - I packed up some of the baby gear for younger babies - bouncy seat, Boppy pillow, and some tummy time floor mats. I can't believe that Evelyn is getting so big. I have so many fond memories of her in that seat and nursing her with that Boppy. It was also crazy to think that some day we'll be taking that stuff out again when we have another child. That whole concept is crazy!

And, since she was trying to sit up in her reclining type infant carrier seat, we got this for Evelyn!
(Hmmm...we have the bad habit of keeping the tv on a lot and not even knowing what is on because we are not watching it. That was occurring in this looks like our show had a guy with a nice mullet! :-)
Buying another seat brought more decisions that I hate making. Spend $80 on a Graco seat, or $270 on a Britax??? We opted for el cheapo Graco. I think it should be fine. What is so great about Britax anyway?

She seems to like the new seat. She did have her head slightly cocked when she fell asleep in it; but, I have seen kids in much more uncomfortable sleeping positions!


Bla Bla said...

oh man, does she look big in this seat!....big girl!....she is growing quick....congrats on house info stuff...exciting to see the days soon where you'll be together at night!..

Anne said...

Wow - she is growing and fast too. I think you made the right decision with that car seat! Graco is still a great name and one you can trust. At what age (how many months) did she start using her play mats?

Anonymous said...

such a dollie..
she is sitting there like a
"princess on her throne"
she is growing soooo
she is so beautiful..
i love her big, blue eyes...
love, momb

auntie autumn said...

oh my gosh she looks so big. i miss her. i can't wait to see her again. sophia is kind of sitting up right now but she does not sit up like evelyn is. well anyways
love you
auntie autumn

Carbon said...

Gosh, they do indeed grow so fast! My oldest has been ready to be in a booster for a while now but I still keep her in a carseat. Not ready for her to grow up. boohoo.