Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm cracked - again!

I had been to the dentist I believe December to have a crown due to the first time I was cracked. The great news then was that the dentist I saw said that I did not need a crown - that I could just keep the filling I had and see if I had problems. Great news - a savings of eight-hundred dollars!

I went to the dentist on Friday for a regular exam and cleaning. They said everything looked great - no cavities and no wisdom teeth removal for now (great news as I really do not want to have my wisdom teeth out. Our checking account cannot handle it, either)! Same conclusion by the dentist - wait it out on the tooth that possibly needed a crown. The filling might last quite a while. Once again, yessss - save some money!

Coincidentally the next night after a few bites of my Papa Murphy's pizza, I had a chunk of tooth in my mouth, too! The tooth decided it needed a crown after all!

I just came home from the dentist. They fixed it and I made the two appointments needed for the crown. At least I don't need a root canal, right? And, as an added bonus, today's drilling was free since I need to come back for the big guns in a week!

Today was also a milestone as my trip to the dentist warranted Evelyn's very first time not being with me or Jason. Yes, she is almost 8 months old and has never left a parent's company until now... What can I say, I love her! :-) If the grandmas lived closer, we probably would have done it before.

Evelyn did great! My awesome friend Katie so graciously volunteered to come to our house and watch her. Katie has an adorable little two-year-old, Kylie and is expecting number two! They took excellent care of Evelyn and I was so relieved to be leaving Evelyn in great care. I was gone for just under an hour and it sounds like Evelyn didn't notice I was gone until I got home - that is when she whimpered a bit and wanted me! I can't say it didn't feel a little sweet that she wanted me! Thanks again, Katie! I owe you one!

Now I am just numb-mouthed and hungry. I can eat around 1:00, so one hour to go! Kissing Evelyn feels quite weird with half of a numb mouth!

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Jenn said...

Oh, I feel your pain! Princess has never been away from me or Alex either!