Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Church of Oprah

Please, please, please go see this great post that Sarah did last week. I sent her the YouTube clip that she posted on her blog - it is very interesting. Sarah made a great commentary about the clip and made some excellent points. So, rather than writing my own post, go see Sarah's and just know that I completely agree!


sarah cool said...

Dang it, I lost my comment! Anyway, I am so glad you sent me that link. I actually bought this month's Oprah magazine b/c it was all about religion/spirituality and I wanted to see what she said, and it was all VERY shocking. I think I will blog about it, but it basically was her using her magazine to prosytelize (I so spelled that wrong but I'm in a hurry!) her new beliefs.

Auntie autumn said...

that is so sad...for than 2 million people. if only a real christian could get that many people to believe what they are saying. too bad