Monday, April 28, 2008

Bread Addiction

I have one.

Usually banana bread is what I bake. It was apple bread yesterday. I just finished my second piece for the day. I turned out well despite being out of walnuts to put in it. I try to limit my bread intake to two slices per day. I try to load it with lots of good things including: real butter (I assume it is better than oil...), walnuts (Omega 3), oatmeal (good for the heart, right?), and flax seed (Omega 3 powerhouse). I tend to add chocolate chips to my banana bread though. So, do you think that the chocolate chips cancel out all the good stuff? I tell myself "no!" I think that I like this bread because it is a clever way of getting to eat dessert for breakfast.


cjoy said...

There is a very healthy "breakfast cookie" I love but can only buy online, and it's not cheap. It's dense and filling and yummy ( Anyhow, I've made some attempts to recreate it--not the same, but still decent. I would be very interested in your recipe for this bread, though! I am a firm believer that the chocolate chips are just fact, if you get bittersweet ones, there is less sugar. Oh, and applesauce would be a "healthier" substitute for oil or butter...I do know butter is better than margarine, but I believe olive oil is very good for you and tend to use that in stuff where oil is called for.

(This comment is so lengthy, it could almost count for a post for me. haha)

Shannon said...

I'm with you on the bread addiction--there are just too many yummy recipes out there!

If you've never tried it, make this recipe next:

Even if you're "not a fan of coconut" this is worth trying. I suggest eating it for breakfast, toasted with a little butter and a sprinkle of powdered sugar. (And a plate of fluffy scrambled eggs and bacon doesn't hurt either!) I've yet to serve this bread to anyone who doesn't swoon when they taste it.