Monday, April 14, 2008

Is that you?

In order to save money, we are working on a limited contract with our real estate agent. She listed us in the MLS, and we basically do everything else. One of our main "duties" has been hosting our own Open Houses every Sunday afternoon.

Pretty much every weekend we laugh as we receive the question, "Is that you?" You see, when you walk in our front door you see this:

I stand behind that small shelf area and greet people. Shortly after I reveal myself as the homeowner, this question is popped. People we know have asked us too, which makes sense as the guy in the picture does have curly hair and the woman has long brown hair like we do. But, it is so funny that strangers ask even when they don't have a clue as to what Jason looks like. I would seriously say that about 40% of strangers ask if it is us!

If I was more daring and not as afraid of awkward situations, I would just say "yes" to be silly! Our first date was at a coffee shop...but we didn't get as close as this couple! :-) We wish there was more of a significance to the painting. We just picked it out because it was affordable and it incorporated many of our colors.

Maybe some day we will be like royalty and have a painting of ourselves commissioned. For now, this one will just have to do!


Anne said...

it does look like you guys! that is pretty cool.

Trisha said...

That is funny. How is the house selling going? Any serious lookers?

Auntie Autumn said...

ha ha i have definitely asked you that once if not more than once. everyone besides the boys has asked you that in our whole family.
love you

Alix said...

Yeah, I thought that, too last time I was at your house. But I realized it wasn't you before I said anything. It would be kind of a weird pose for a picture, I guess.