Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm cracked

Last Thursday, I bit down and kind of screamed. I had been feeling a lot of sensitivity to cold drinks for a while, and had occasional pain when I bit down. So, when I got home from church (we eat fast food at the church every Thursday when we lead our young married couple's group), I had Jason look at my teeth. I was alarmed again when Jason pointed out a HOLE in one of my molars! I thought I felt something funny with my tongue on that tooth and even pointed it out to my dentist in October. Aparently, nothing was really wrong.

Freaked out, I called the dentist the next morning. She got me in for a cleaning and exam on Monday, where I found out the good news and the bad news:

Bad news:
-I do have a hole in one molar.
-I have/had a huge crack in the molar next behind it (which was actually the source of the pain.)
-I need a crown, a really freakin' expensive crown.
-He ran out of time and didn't even do a real exam on me. I will have to have one with xrays when baby is born.
-I can't/won't have an xray since I am pregnant (this would have helped.)
-I really shouldn't have work on my teeth since I am pregnant.
-I really don't like having dental work (who does?)
-I have no dental insurance (once again, who does these days?!)

Good news:
-They can (and did this morning) a temporary "build-up," similar to a filling, until I have the baby and can have the crown put on.
-I can save up until October to pay for the crown!
-They got me in quickly due to a cancellation for the "build up"
-I can feel my mouth again and am no longer worrying about biting my own tongue or drooling accidentally on myself. (I do have pain in my jaw and where he stuck the huge needle in).
-My midwife said it was okay to have the work done - it is good that it I am out of the first trimester.
-They could still numb me even though I could not have certain drugs/anasthetics.
-The hole in my molar that I thought was causing the pain is NOTHING! Not a cavity, just a hole that might be due to my fruit consumption.
-He filled said hole today for FREE just so I didn't have to feel it with my tongue anymore (this bugged me a lot.)
-I had a new dentist, and he was really great and actually explained things to me! Hopefully he stays at our clinic!

And, the REALLY great news: I can feel the baby move a lot these days! I feel blessed that I can feel baby move, as I know some first-time moms don't feel it for another few weeks. But, I feel baby more each day and can feel what has to be actual KICKS! I LOVE it, and am so excited for when Jason can feel it, too. He tries every day, but to no avail so far.

That is all for now!


theGATHERING said...

woo hoo..i love your blogs...give me plenty of your optimism...i should now do a list of the good and bad about my stubeeeee (car)..... good new ..its running...bad took money and a day in the shop :)...good news...i have a new hood that is not dented....bad news....the other one has a square cut in it....being 26 and driving a station wagon: PRICELESS

Carbon said...

Oh gosh. That sucks. Teeth and mouth woes are the worst. The strongest and toughest man on earth is even at mercy to a lone canker sore,if you ask me so I couldn't imagine a cracked molar!

AND!!!! I'm so happy you feel the baby moving. I used to spend so much time just watching my belly shift around in all directions. I miss that part for sure.