Tuesday, April 03, 2007


My co-workers and I were just talking about food. I now want a plate of: calico beans, cheesy potatoes, and some type of JELLO/fruit/Cool Whip salad! I already was kind of hungry, and now I suddenly feel starving! Does anyone want to host a potluck in the near future? :-)
I am officially in my new office. They made us all pack up and move to the next hall. Kind of a pain to do all of that. I am glad that I was given the office I am in - closer to the bathroom, across the hall kiddy-corner from Trisha, and staring at a wall rather than directly at a person. My old office looked out at an open area - I do miss the brighness. Oh, and remember the Christmas "re-gifter?" She has a loud and obnoxious voice - now only two doors down! I think my office door might be shut more often now... Overall, the new office is much more noisy now that I am around more people. I cut up my old "Grand Masters" calendar and posted the pictures around my office. My office was "cheapened" a bit I think by taping these to the wall, but they will make me happy. Just like the pictures of family I have around the office and the picture of the view from our roon in Cancun right by the phone. Sometimes I have to stare at that one while talking to annoying students...

Have I told you all how much I love art? Looking at the cheap prints makes me want to go to a museum! We haven't been to one since we went to Chicago almost two years ago for my birthday. I think there are two things to do before the baby comes: go to a museum and to a concert (I think Kelly Clarkson would be my pick).
The season finale of "Prison Break" was on last night. They really left us in suspense - not even a glimmer of what it to come in the fall. My fear now is that they are going to cancel the show (I was traumatized when NBC quit airing "American Dreams" without announcing that it was the series finale or "wrapping up" the show's plots.
We had a great weekend. Two couples from church came over with their baby girls for dinner. Everyone seemed to enjoy my potroast, and it was fun to see babies in the house! Other than having Trisha and her hubby over (and other than family) these have been our only guests! And, no family has visited since we did the majority of the work in our house.
We have been busy looking on www.craigslist.com for a crib, changing table, glider, and other things. No luck yet. I was going to look at a crib one day after work, but the woman sold it during the day! We are hoping to find some great deals so we can save money. I plan to take off a few days this summer to go garage sale-ing - I need to ask around to where the good neighborhoods are!
I am going to a conference for work in Florida in late April. Too bad we don't have millions so Jason could come with! It probably wouldn't be too much fun for him since I would be at a conference every day all day, anyway. But, I had originally scheduled my ultrasound for the Monday after I get back, but I have decided to re-schedule it for Friday, April 20th. So, 17 more days until we know what the baby has "down there!" :-) I am very excited! I picked up some paint samples for the room already!
That's about all for now!

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