Monday, March 26, 2007

Living Room "Completed"

Enjoy the pics! I didn't straighten all of the pillows on the couch before the pics, but you get the idea of what it looks like when we are in the middle of using the space!

We hung the pictures this weekend which completed the final touches on the room! All we need now are some pictures of the baby on the walls and a new light fixture in the dining area!

Jason also put new shelves into two of our front hall closets. He is my very own "Bob the Builder" and does excellent work! Sorry - he is not for hire! I need him to myself every moment I can get him not doing things to our house! :-)

In other great news, I switched from the OB I was seeing and had my first appointment today with a midwife! I loved her demeanor, care and concern for me, and the fact that she will do her very best to be at our birth instead of just the dr on call. I am so glad that Katie recommended her to me! I feel SO much better!

We heard the heartbeat today - nice and strong! We have our ultrasound on April 30th - so just over a month and we'll know if it is a son or daughter!


Carbon said...

Looks fabulous :) Great job you two. I'm sure you are sooo happy to have it done.

Good luck on finding the gender. Both my kids crossed their legs and refused us access :) hahaha. I had 3 ultrasounds between the 2 of them and they couldn't tell me the gender!

Anonymous said...

the living room looks great!!
of course!!!
and i love the rug... everything just flows together so perfect!!!
you guys can take a breather now you know... relax for awhile..
spend this time alone and together, cuz once that baby comes.. well, jason, you wont have amber to yourself anymore... and amber, you wont be able to devote all that special time to jason alone anymore...
so just chill ... and do nothing..
(impossible for jason , i know)

have a great day,
love, momB

Our lovestory... said...

Carbon -

We are purposely waiting until I am 21 weeks for the ultrasound so that we hopefully get a nice a clear picture of the groin area! Baby better comply! :-) I admit, I will be bummed if we can't find out! We're you?


Dawn Anderson said...

We are so excited for you both. Our favorite son-in-law sure has done a wonderful job on your home. We love the floor you picked and can't wait to see the whole thing in real life. The ultrasound will be a wonderful memory for you two. As always your family is always in our prayers.
Love, Hugs and Kisses,
Mom and the whole gang!