Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Best of Craiglist "Headlines"

Jason and I were having some good laughs over these "headlines" from Craigslist last night, and we decided to share them all with you!

We peruse the site quite often, and like sending each other posts like this:

Glider chair and abdomen - $150

Area Rug - $100 - Brand new and matches everything! We are only getting rid of it because it doesn't match our couch.

Lighting/Chandler - $15 I am actually going to look at this chandelier after work. Jason wanted me to ask if the "chandler" came with a Ross, Rachel, and Joey! I was really hoping it came with a Phoebe - no such luck, though!

We hope that you have enjoyed our little "headlines!" Feel free to share your favorites!

1 comment:

Carbon said...

Those headlines are pretty funny. I love the non-matching matching rug.

Good luck with the crib buying. We never bought a change table. We just bought a change pad and put it on top of a low dresser. This way I could put all the stuff inside the dresser and clothing and the kid can use it afterword whereas the change table isn't as useable afterword. Here's a link

I hope you find something :) Happy easter too!