Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter 2007

Sarah getting those carrots out of the roast with determination!

Dale and Dad/Rich carving that ham!

The traditional Sankey Easter picture! This was my fourth Easter with them - it is crazy to look back at the pictures from the first Easter and see how little the kiddos are!

Here I am - I was 18 weeks pregnant! I swear I have gotten bigger this week already!

Here we are - I think this would technically be the first picture of our "family!" I haven't been in front of the camera for a while I guess!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!


Anne W said...

Oh Amber - you are so cute!!! How exciting for you guys! FYI: My sister had a baby girl on Wednesday, Ellie Elizabeth and Becky (Roseland) Peters had a baby boy, Alex, last Friday! Keep enjoying it all - you look great!

Carbon said...

Cute cute baby bump! You definitely look radiant. I think pregancy does bring a glow to women, well, at least after the first trimester of queasiness and nausea :)

Anonymous said...

yes, you surely do look radiant!!!
and the "1st" "richards family photo" looks great!!!
and i too am looking forward to friday... so how long will it be before we find out????
late morning?? early afternoon??
walking out of doctors office??
hurry, hurry....must know the colors....can finally call her, she ... or maybe him, he..

anyway, have a great day and waiting eagerly for friday
love, momB

Jennie C. said...

Pregnancy is most beautiful on you!