Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Winter is here!

We know, we know... We haven't blogged for a while!

Last week I was only at work for three days - sick on Monday after a great Thanksgiving holiday and was blessed with a SNOW DAY on Friday! I felt just like a little kid hoping for a snow day that morning. First thing that I did was turned on the TV and looked for the name of the university that I work at. Sure enough, "University Closed" was part of the scrolling stream of schools. I strartled Jason in the shower with my scream of delight!

The best blessing of the day was that our neighbor, Fred, came over with his snow blower! Jason would not have made it through the snow to even get into the house to retrieve the shovel. Fred received some fresh peanutbutter cookies that evening! The news reported 9.8 inches in our town from that storm.

The house is decorated, too. I LOVE getting ready for Christmas! I think we'll post pictures of the tree and house too - Jason did some fabuluous lighting on the outside of the house! He was such a sport - put the last of the lights out on Thursday night knowing that once the storm hit we'd be past the time of opportunity. Our neighborhood is quite cheery! Christmas lights make me think of our wedding day/night - almost 2 years ago now - December 18th! We took a drive to look at lights on our way to our reception - got in a few kisses, too! :-) I hope we can re-live that moment in celebration!

Pictures soon, we hope!



Carbon said...

My neighbor has a snow blower and he just doesn't want to use it. What the heck? Those things aren't cheap, get it out and use it!!!

I'm just jealous really cuz we gotta remove the white stuff with a shovel. boo hoo.

Trisha said...

We are shovelers over here. We used to not mind it so much but with the last storm the 8 inches got a little tiring for the 56 ft long driveway. Especially when the plow went by and made it like four feet deep!