Friday, June 20, 2008


Ok, sorry to everyone who reads our blog, but needless to say we have been very busy trying to get settled in to our new home, neighborhood, and every other change coming our way.

We are loving our new home and the neighborhood! Lots of kids in the neighborhood which is nice for Evelyn.
We have a lot of stories, so hopefully Amber can fill you in on some of them.

A few shout outs though to some people who made all of this happen for us:
From our old neighborhood:
Steve and Mary Jo-HUGE help...couldn't have done it without your help. Jim M.-the same to you. Mike & Tessa- HUGE blessing as well. Great to have Godly friends who will help when in need!
From the new neighborhood:
Mark & Hannah-Very big help, Mike & Shannon-we really didn't even know you guys, but you were willing to help us move in? HUGE blessing from God...very nice people! Jason & Christy-provided lodging the night before the big move-in. Again, huge help.
Dad & Mom B.-You rock!! because you guys are like rocks! I can count on you no matter what! Sarah B.-Huge help, Andrea S.-huge help. Dawn A.-oh my gosh, you shampooed all or our carpets!! Hardest mom worker I know! The rest of the A.'re like busy bees...except all with rag and cleaner in hand!

And to who ever else I may have missed. We thank you SO MUCH, and we pray God will bless you richly for your self sacrifice and willingness to help us out.

Other than that, life is kind of back to normal. Evelyn learned to crawl the day we moved in the new house. She's loving the carpeted, open floors! She basically crawls to the nearest vertical structure she can find to pull herself up to stand, so we have to watch her! She has also developed a very convenient bedtime of midnight to 1am which is awesome! (joke)

Hopefully we can post some pictures of our new home shortly, but I wanted to at least let you all know we are alive.


Auntie Autumn said...

ha ha...i love your new house. its great and sooo much closer. thanks for coming to the recital and i hope that evelyn gets better soon!! :)
auntie autumn

Anne said...

I am so happy for you guys!

Carbon said...

Glad you are settling in well into your new home. Congrats again :)