Monday, January 05, 2009

To Evelyn's Grandmother's House We Go

Opening a gift at Gma and Gpa B's house Christmas morning. She loved her cousins!
Family pic after the Christmas Eve service. None of them turned out. Evelyn looks like she is about to fall asleep!

Before we saw Santa the week before Christmas. Evelyn was not a fan of his!

About the best pic I have of her lately...she is so hard to photograph as she is constantly on the go!

Evelyn and I are leaving for the week to stay at my mom and step-dad's house while they are in Aruba. I will be helping my next eldest sister (I am the oldest of 8 kids if you didn't know) cook, clean, shuttle to school, dance, scouts, etc, and generally keep the peace in the house. This task is overwhelming and even though there are two of us, we have some big shoes to fill. I am kind of an orderly gal who likes her peace and quiet and hour of TV at night...needless to say, I will be thrust out of my comfortable home environment.

But, I will try to check in on y'all through the week.

On another note, we are all feeling quite well - praise the Lord! I really do think it was all of your prayers for health that finally did it! And, all of the lounging that we did over the past week helped too I am sure! I am second-guessing my diagnosis of Thrush for Evelyn. I am still treating both of us with acidopholus, but I think that she maybe just has a nasty buildup of milk on her tongue. She had some cheddar Chex mix the other day and the patch of white at the back of her tongue turned orange...that, combined with the fact that no new spots have appeared, leads me to believe that we might just have some gross old milk on our hands. Nice, huh? She will not let me brush it either that little stinker!

I wish that we had a plethora of great photos to share from Christmas. I will leave you with just a few. We shared our Christmas Eve and Day with Jason's family. We then celebrated last Sunday with a day trip to my mom's house. Both were very nice time and Evelyn was blessed with an abundance of new toys. When I upload more pictures off of our camera I can share a few. My dad and step-mom gave us our gifts at Thanksgiving and we opened them at home as my step-mom and sister were dancing in the Outback Bowl and were not around! They had a nice time!

Enough of the rambling - I am off to bed! Take care, all!


Madeline said...

Sounds like a very nice Christmas. Glad y'all are feeling better. Good luck this week.

Shannon said...

Have a safe trip! I'm looking forward to catching up when you get back...

Carbon said...

Glad you are all feeling better. Good way to start 2009! Happy new year.

As for illnesses, we did a round of goop coming out of eyes too. It took a full month to get rid it. Just wait until Evelyn is in school and bringing home sick germs constantly as my 2 kids do. It's so annoying.

Danielle said...

Glad you're feeling better! I'm sure all will go well while you're helping with the kids too :)

And what are you talking about? Your christmas picture is adorable! Everyone knows that little ones aren't cooperative and its ok- cuz they're so darn cute anyway ;)

Also- if you'd like to participate- I've tagged you to share 6 things about yourself!

auntie autumn said...

aww..i miss my big sis and little niece! i miss you guys soo much! :]