Sunday, April 26, 2009

We're Still Alive

I am going to just keep it short rather than try to post 2+ months of happenings into one post!

I have kind of run out of steam it seems! My business, Punkerdoops Diapers, is flourishing. This is a great thing for the business, but kind of puts a damper on "other" things. The little computer time I do get, I end up doing all "work." I keep telling myself that once I get my website totally where I want it and I have all of the products and inventory I want, that things will be less busy. But, I am guessing that business will just keep getting more and more of my time... Just what have I gotten myself into!?! It is nice to have something to put my brain power into - the business has reawakened my brain I think! I also enjoy meeting all sorts of new moms and encouraging them to not only cloth diaper, but also breastfeed, babywear, and attachment parent. I try to shine the love of the Lord too and sure hope that people see something "different" in me.

Jason and I also admit that with joining facebook and the popularity of it, we have tended to check that out versus blogs...

But, I want to get back on the blog bandwagon and even start a Punkerdoops Diapers blog, too! One of the many, many things on the to-do list.

My lack of blogging also enduces guilt as it was kind of my way of documenting Evelyn and what she is up to! Kind of my baby book as you will!

Evelyn lately:

  • Singing: she does very well with singing. Her favorite is to scrunch up her nose and close her eyes and sing loudly "Ah-WAYYYYYYY!!!!" I am not sure what song that it, but it sure is cute! She also likes to chime in on lots of songs like "Jesus Loves Me" and "Twinkle, Twinkle."
  • Talking A TON!: She is talking in a lot of short sentences and especially likes to announce what she does - "I sit." "I dance." "I jump!" It is awesome and amazing to see her blossom! My mom watched her the other day while I went to a conference and she said that she could understand almost everything she said - nice that it is not just me and Jason that can understand her!
  • Jumping: Evelyn loves to jump with 2 feet off the ground. On the bed. In the grass. On the carpet. While she holds our hands. On hopscotch sqaures. In the baby Johnny Jump Up even!

  • Bubbles: We must blow them at least 4 times per day. She insists on holding the bubble wand now too. Messy. At least it us just bubbles!

  • The alphabet: About 2 months ago it started with her repeating each letter after I said it. Then, it was her saying the next letter after I said one. Now, it is her saying almost the whole thing without prompts. She can also tell you almost every letter when you show her one. Jason is convinced it is all of the Wheel of Fortune she watched as a baby. :-)

  • Repetition: We do everything a billion times. Ring around the rosie. Songs. Finger plays. Puzzles. Practice makes perfect, right? We also talk about the same stories over and over. Our trip to see lambs and chicks is sure a favorite.

  • Dancing: Especially "tapping." She has dress shoes that have a little heel that are too big that she wears around the house and "taps" with on the floor. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

  • Climbing: She loves to be outside (I am learning to like being out there more too) and loves to climb up the playset in the back (It is at least 6 feet up - gives me a heart attack) and go down the slide. Another thing that is repeated over and over.

  • Going potty: She goes pretty consistently in the morning and after nap. I need to discipline myself to get her trained all the way before she is no longer "eager to please" and lured by pee pee treats (aka marshmallows and jelly beans).
  • Being just so darn cute: I didn't know she could get cuter, but she does with age!

Well, I think I will head to bed! I will try to post more often so that it is not so overwhelming!

Oh, and as I bet many of your curious minds want to know, I am not pregnant yet. I know you all are wondering. I know I always wonder as soon as my friends' kids turn one. The wondering begins. We'll announce it. I promise. Hopefully soon! :-)

I realize that I also need to a)take more pictures b)download the millions that must be on the camera c)it is still hard to get decent pics of my busy toddler!


cjoy said...

I'm so happy your business is doing well! I've been way out of the loop myself and can barely keep up with emails much less blogs and stuff...sigh...
Missing you!

Bla Bla said...

yes, about that repetition...I am so sorry, I had read in the article that there would be frogs at the Earth day celebration and so I had told Evelyn we'd see them....she did see a big stuffed one, as well as some crabs...but no frogs...and I'm sure she remembers Auntie telling her we'd see sorry, that was my bad

Madeline said...

So glad your business is taking off! Sounds like such joyful times!

Trisha said...

Thanks for the update and yes I WAS wondering. Glad to hear that you are doing well with the business and that Evelyn is learning many new things. It is great to watch the world through the eyes of a toddler, right? Happy trying!
Miss you and our talks in the office!

Anne said...

So nice to see update Pics. She is growing up so fast. We should plan a get together with the girls this summer.

Alix said...

Oh man, those mini-sentences sound like the cutest thing ever! What a little smartie.

Hey, Sebastian likes Wheel of Fortune, too! Maybe I should stop turning it off when he stands a foot in front of the tv screen...