Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stuff and Things

A little of what we've been up to - Out of order...too lazy and too late to care! :-) Trinity and Summer at the end of their tap dance last weekend. I love to see them get better every year. Great job, girls! Autumn did some great lyrical too, but the camera was out of memory. Go figure!
Auntie Hannah and a very tired Evelyn after Hannah's recital. Two recitals down, one to go. I love dance recital season! Hannah's legs on pointe - holy moley - she is gorgeous!

Evelyn got mama's love of the stage. She couldn't get enough of being up there during intermission!

Evelyn's new hero and obsession - DORA! She saw it once on TV and was enamoured. She knows all the characters already and it is so sweet when she says "D-d-d-da-Dora." Melts me every time! I have almost bought her a backpack twice now but resisted the temptation. Our free cable upgrade disappeared this week so no more Dora on tv. Good thing Family Video and the library will keep us busy for a while with new episodes on DVD. She gets one movie a day. She would watch at least 5 if we let her!!! I was happy to find a little Dora figurine set at a garage sale for $2.50 - score! It is a little pool and greenhouse and she loves them! This pic is at the Mall of America. We took an impromptu trip there last Saturday as it was so cold and windy that I chose not to participate in an outdoor kid's fair for the business. We were on the border and figured why not make a date out of it. If Evelyn wasn't quite so tired it would have been even more fun.
Evelyn's other current interest - stairs. This ramp at the 2nd dance recital led to a set of them. She has "stair detection" and can sense them whenever we walk into a new place. She gives me a mild heart attack every time she approaches them as with everything these days, stairs are in her "self" category. She's going a little unconventional on me and instead of "me" she tells me all day "SELF! SELF!"
Summer and Trinity dancin' it up!

Evelyn is into wearing these boots now. She is still a shoe fanatic. My shoes are still her favorites followed by a close second of her dress shoes that are a size too big (for "tapping") and these boots now. I think the boots tie in with the Dora obsession.

First toenail painting! So adorable!!! She picked pink - just like in the book "Pinkalicious." You should hear her say "Pinkalicious" - it is so precious!

Chillin' before Auntie Hannah's recital. Some big girls were sitting on this ledge so of course she had to too!

Evelyn's first set of wheels. She told me she was driving to the park today when I asked her where she was going.

Let's see, what else? I want to post Easter pics still but I am not on the computer that they are on. We got a laptop!!! Wow, I had no idea how cool it would be to have one! I look forward to doing Punkerdoops Diapers transactions through my website so that I won't have to hand write tickets anymore and take out the inventory from the online store. Just need to do a few more "tweaks" to the cart system to handle the in-store purchases.
We'll leave it at that for now!


cjoy said...

Oh, I LOVE the story Pinkalicous. There's also a Purplicous, but the pink one is the most fun. :)

Madeline said...

Love the boots! Sounds like y'all have been up to some fun!