Thursday, January 11, 2007

Christmas 2006

So, not having internet at home and being busy at work = no blog posts!

But, so that you don't have to wait any longer, here you go! Christmas pics!

Sharon's beautiful tree. I guess they grew up with the real thing but have matured into the artificial variety! Our artificial is still standing and will be until Monday when I have off and will take it down! (Thank you MLK Jr!)

My Johnson side of the family started a tradition where everyone brings inexpensive gifts and then we play a dice game where every time you roll doubles, you get to pick a present. Then, when all the presents are gone from the "pot," everyone opens their presents. Then, we played for 8 more minutes and when you had doubles you could steal a gift from someone else! As you can see, Nathan is quite the dice roller! He had all of his gifts lined up like a choo choo train!

Jason and I after the service.

We did have a very nice Christmas and new year. It seems like so long ago that I am having a hard time writing more about it... We were blessed with many nice gifts from our family.

I am still in the midst of wrapping presents myself! We are going to visit the Andersons this weekend to celebrate and to the Johnsons the last weekend in January. We like to extend the season!


To...Brittany who turned 17 on December 29th! Yes, Brittany came into this world 17 years ago on my half birthday! I am so amazed at how quickly she is growing and what a fine young lady that she is. I am working on getting her to come to college by us...

To...Easton who turned 6 on January 8th! Our little buddy is becoming quite the little man!
That is all for now! We did paint our bedroom last weekend, so we will have to get those pics up, too. Every room is now painted (except for the spare bedrooms!) Next home adventure: flooring in the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Jason "inherited" a great table saw from work for this project! Score! He gets to "store" it until further use. Ahh...the joy on a man's face when he has a new tool (even a used one!)



Carbon said...

Ooooh, you two are so cute together.

Yes, Jason may be all overjoyed over his newest tool addition (like my hubby gets) but we girls have our joys too. Like that red bag you have... oh my, I must have it. It is DIVINE!

Our lovestory... said...

Ah! You saw! It was a Christmas gift from my step-mom - she was really great and mailed our gifts so we don't have to wait until the end of January! They are waiting for ours still, though!

She wants one of the purses - Kathy Van Zeeland (sp?). I do love it! I wish I could afford to get her one - she completely surprised me with mine! Red is my FAV color! Thanks for noticing!


Our lovestory... said...

p.s. Carbon - the above post was obviosly for you, but I forgot your name in it!

Trisha said...

Great pictures you two. Glad we could see you over the holiday break.

Carbon said...

hahaha. I'm guessing you were responding to me :)

Yes, I love red too. You are a lucky gal. I'm gonna be googling to look at more bags. I need to start increasing my bag collection. I got one bag right now and it's first name is diaper. Soooo sad.