Thursday, January 25, 2007

Blogging enthusiasm

I wanted to post a little note to let everyone know we haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Amber and I have been very busy lately with work, home life, and some other things we will probably mention in an up and coming blog. A few weeks ago we repainted our bedroom and I installed a new ceiling fan last weekend. I am going to be installing new flooring in our living room hopefully in the next month or so. It finally came in last week and we are excited about how it will look. We promise we will post pictures to let everyone see our progress.

We are also excited that some of our favorite shows are back on. Prison Break is back on and even more exciting. Amber and I forget to breathe we get so caught up in it. We've also been enjoying new episodes of The Office. So funny!!

Tonight we start our 13 week 'Truth Project' series at church. We are very excited to be leading that, and we hope the turnout is also good.

Hope everyone is doing ok and hangin' in there. It has gotten a bit colder here, and we definately do not like feeling like icicles. Stay warm everyone...and maybe our family in Arizona can send some warmth our way! (Hint hint Jack and Jane)

Love you all!

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Sarah said...

I cannot wait to hear how your first group night went with the Truth Project...I will call this upcoming week to talk 'properly'...long story short I am in NY through the weekend actually...did you know I was here? :) very exciting, all of it....pretty amazing and BREATHTAKING all that this trip has entailed...

Hope to catch up soon!