Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Junior Mint

So, I am sitting in bed this morning trying to wake up, when Jason exclaims, "there is something on the couch!" "What?" I say. "There's something on the couch. It's on your cushion." (Yes, we have "our" cushions - don't laugh. We sit next to each other on the couch. Jason gets the left cushion and I sit on the middle one. This has resulted in a very firm right cushion...)

I jumped out of bed to check on the only 7-month-old leather couch that we are still making payments on... Upon examining the cushion, I immediately remember last night. Our favorite show, Prison Break (yes, I realize that Prison Break has been mentioned in the last post as well), was on last night. It is a very intense show and does require a certain amount of mindless anxiety munching. We usually have popcorn, but junior mints were last night's anxious "pop-in-your mouth" food.

Yes, a Junior Mint was melted by my butt last night on the couch leaving a rather gooey and unpleasant sight. While wiping away and releasing the fragrant mint smell, I commented "this is why we bought leather!" It came right up! (A little mint fragrance does reside!)

I checked my lounge pants - oh yes, quite the remnant of the mint there, too! And, since I threw them on top of my dresser last night, Junior Mint was cleaned and Pledged off of wood this morning, too! Throughout the cleaning, I was actually tempted to eat a few more!

One of my favorite parts of this story is that I usually heed caution when eating Junior Mints as my step-mom, Jeanne, tells quite the rendition of my Dad's mishap in the 80's with a Junior Mint and a white suit at the movie theater! (My Dad would have totally fit in with the Miami Vice crew!)

It has happened to me, now - a Junior Mint incident. Next time you are enjoying the delicious dark chocolate covered delectable treats, be careful - those little mints can make quite the surface area of mess!



Trisha said...

Only you would be cleaning that early in the morning!

Carbon said...

When I hear of Junior Mints, I just think of that Seinfeld episode. It goes hand in hand now for me :)

You guys should allow your site feed so that I can get your blog through my google reader. But, it's up to you :)

CONGRATS again :)