Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Baby's 1st (well, 2nd) Picture!!!

On Monday I had another doctor's appointment. The doctor tried finding Baby's heartbeat with the doppler device, but he couldn't. So, he did an ultrasound!

Baby had it's first picture when it was only 5 1/2 weeks old and looked like a little ball of cells. So, this is Baby's first picture where he/she looks like a baby! You can see the little head on the left and the leg and foot on the right. Baby was moving an awful lot, but the doc managed to get this pic while Baby was still.

My doctor did an ultrasound two weeks ago, too for the same reason. He cracks me up, as he barely knows how to operate the machine...!!! I try to sit there patiently as he fumbles around, clicking buttons that make the entire picture disappear at times! He used to be at a different clinic, but is new to our clinic and is still "building his practice" here. I hope he doesn't have any "fumbles" while I am delivering! He seems like a nice enough guy. I am tempted to search for him on the net and make sure that I don;t find anything incriminating! I am sure he is just fine and has a great reputation.

He also gave me another prescription for atibiotics for the sinus infection that I have been battling. I am starting to feel better. And, the great news is that my morning sickness is getting a TON better, too! It seems I was just in my co-worker's office crying about how horrible it was and how I didn't think I was going to make it! I think Jason is happy to have more of his normal wife back, too! Well, closer to normal!

Jason has been making excellent progress on the floor in the living and dining room area - such a hard worker! We'll have to post the pictures of his progress. Pretty floor here we come!



Dawn said...

I'm so excited for you honey! It is so cool to see a picture of your little one. I can't wait to have one of my own. We want to wait for a couple of years until I am done with college and we are more settled down. Instead I am taking my mothering skills out on our cat, Patsy, I'm not so sure she is very appreciative of it though. Anyways, keep us updated on your little one!!!! Congratulations again!

New said...

WOW! How exciting. I'm amazed how great the picture is for someone who can't use an ultrasound well! For both my kiddo's, the picture didn't turn out well at all, couldn't see anything.

Are you going to find out the gender? They couldnt' tell me with either child. My doc laughed and laughed at me saying I'm prob the only woman who wanted to know but couldn't AND twice in a row. When I delivered my kids, they handed me the newbie and they said "congrats on your new baby", and I responded both times "what is it?" They thought that was funny. HAHAHA.

Carbon said...

Sorry, it's me, Carbon who left the comment. Blogger messed me up!

Dawn Anderson said...

God is so amazing, truly a miracle. Everyone is already oohhing and ahhhing over the baby, from it's first of millions of pictures! We feel truly blessed to be able to see the photo. Thank you so much for posting it! Oh, by the way the floor looks great...hardly looks like the same house! Can't wait to talk to you. Love, Mom (and the gang)