Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Month of New Tricks

Evelyn has had a month filled with new "tricks" including waving "hi" and "bye" on command, clapping on command and during "patty cake," listening to directions (i.e. "give mommy the washcloth"), and raising her hands for "so big." It has been fun to see her grow in this area of understanding language versus just immitating behaviors. And, the best part is watching her little face and excitement while she practices her new tricks!

This is Evelyn a few weeks ago showing off her clapping skills.

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Trisha said...

I love it! Hannah has been practicing her cheerleading skills for months now. (the athlete in me worries about her becoming a cheerleader). Her new favorite is blowing kisses, talking on my cell phone and turning the tv on and off.

I wish they could play together again, it would be fun to see hwo they interact now that they are mobile.