Friday, November 07, 2008

Mommy Lessons Learned

I learn lessons in mommy-hood every day.

The three mommy lessons that I can remember learning yesterday:

1) When you get the new idea to put your toddler in the playpen to keep her from getting into trouble while you clean, don't think you are so clever. As soon as she realizes you are not going to get into the playpen with her, she will be mad at you, very very mad. The time spent to haul out the thing and assemble far outlasts the time she will spend in it. Don't bother with this "great idea" again!

2) Vacuuming the stairs with a toddler on your back is probably a huge safety "no-no." The toddler swinging her legs back and forth really throws off the balance. I credit the many years of ballet for my ability to keep balance and not fall off of the stairs. Next time I vacuum the stairs I think I will do it when Jason is home to watch her.

3) If you don't get totally upset when the toddler knocks a huge glass of water off of the counter, she won't get upset either. She will just help you clean it up with you. You both might get wet socks though. I am really proud of this one - been known to overreact a little in times like these. See, I really am learning!

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cjoy said...

I prepped a room for painting with Baby J on my back (in the Ergo). I *plan* to post pics of that project and I have a couple of him in there. Quite a feat. He's a big dude and my back ached good bit later. But he had a blast and eventually fell asleep. I shop with hom like that more and more.