Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Wonderful World of the redbox

Tonight we rented our first movie from redbox located at our local grocery store. It was nice to get eggs and lettuce and the movie at the same time. And, a new release for only $1 - unheard of!

I had seen redbox kiosks in bigger cities before and then saw one when we moved here. Sarah is also a huge redbox lover and says she gets emails for free movies on weekdays a lot too! Nice bonus!

I also followed a link on their site before I went that gave me a code for a free rental (of course I forgot to enter the code, but oh well! :-) You can reserve movies online to make sure you get what you want and movies aren't due back until the next day by 9 p.m. We can totally swing that.

So, we enjoyed Ben Stein's "Expelled" documentary tonight courtesy of redbox. Good movie. I am personally a huge Ben Stein fan and have been since high school when I used to stay up way too late to watch "Win Ben Stein's Money." I miss that show. If Ben Stein ran for president, he'd sure get my vote! He is just a really rational, uber-intelligent, and thoughtful man.

Check out "Expelled" and check out redbox! And, of course, have a super-de-duper weekend!!!! (Yep, super-de-duper, a Barney-exclusive word, is in my vocab now. Evelyn has been wanting to watch Barney at least once a day for the last 10 days ever since we watched him on a long car trip midweek last week. She even threw a Barney DVD case into the shower when after showing the case to me and pointing and saying "ah, ah" I didn't immediately jump out of the shower to put it on for her. And I always said my kids would never watch Barney....)


Anonymous said...

love it, love it, love it...
this girl is one smart cookie...

amber, you put such smiles on my face and the "laugh out louds"..
i love your posts..

i have watched the shoe video many times over and still just laugh..
and now i can see her just throwing that into the shower..
keep the "smiles" coming....
and i have many barney videos for you to borrow...he he
love, momB

Madeline said...

That sounds like a great deal. Wish we had one of those in my neck of the woods.
It's funny what we swear we'll never do as mom's. Like my mom says, "Never say never."

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, I love Red Box! I didn't know it had Expelled- I've been wanting to see that!


Shannon said...

I've heard that you can get free movies every time using those codes. If I figure out where I read that I'll pass it on to you!