Tuesday, July 25, 2006

County Fair

So, we are coming off a pretty busy weekend. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL HUBBY JASON!!! Jason turned the big 3-0 on Sunday! (He wants to go by the rule that we created for the household, though - both spouses are the age of the younger spouse. So that puts us both at 25, I guess!)

Jason's parents came to visit on Sunday afternoon. We had a wonderful time visiting and sharing a meal. We grilled burgers (awesome tip from Trisha to add a packet of onion soup mix to the ground beef - they turned out GREAT!) Thanks Trisha! Sharon said she'll make burgers this way from now on, too! I also made a Mexican pasta salad - I might try to post the recipe soon - that is very tasty (Step-mom Jeanne's recipe). We also had Snicker apple salad with the meal and a taco dip as an appetizer. Jason requested Special K bars for his birthday dessert - he loves them ever since my Mom introduced them to him!

Jason seemed to enjoy his "party" and liked his gifts (I only had to exchange 50% of them! :-))

I'll post pictures later!

I am leaving work now - last 2 vacation hours - and we are heading to
"preview night" at the county fair! Corn dogs here we come! There is even a tractor pull tonight and the "Fairest of the Fair" pageant! Share your favorite county fair stories with us!

I am going to Chicago for a work conference tomorrow, so I should be back to blogging Monday!

Can't wait to hear those county fair stories!



Trisha said...

Finally, you are up and blogging again. I was getting worried! Happy Birthday Jason -- I hope it was great!

Ah, the county fair. Ours was always during Labor Day weekend in my hometown. It was the time to show off your best new back-to-school jeans and tennis shoes. Eating teenie weenie donuts, grilled cheeses and of course, deep fried cheese curds. Ah yes, back in the days when I could eat all of the above and not gain a pound. Plus we got to look at all the out of town guys! Good times.

Anonymous said...

My long time ago county fair story involves me(Loni) and your mom-in-law(Sharon)...we took a ride on the tilt-a-whirl and because I pee'd my pants, our grandma made Sharon take off her undies and give them to me, cuz, I had a dress on and Sharon had on pants. I don't remember what grandma did with the wet pants....and needless to say that Sharon was not very happy!....Ahh good time!!