Thursday, July 13, 2006

Happy Thursday!

Hello, all!

I usually like to say "Happy Friday," but Happy Thursday is okay too because that means that tomorrow is Friday! Woo hoo!

Sorry we haven't blogged for a while... We get busy with work and then don't feel like staying late to blog... Sorry!

Nothing too much is new. Jason and I both took the day off on Monday and headed to our state's capitol city for the day. It is a cute city - I had actually never been there before since I grew up in a neighboring state! We had a fun time walking around the city and touring the capitol building. I think I am using the correct spelling of capitol here…I really do love the English language and can’t stand when people use words incorrectly (mostly when people use made up words!), but I am flaking out in remembering when it is capital and when it is capitol. Maybe one of you fine readers will do the research for me and praise my efforts or correct me!

I also took the day off on Tuesday to run errands and get my hair done (no highlights for 8 months…I needed it!) Needless to say, it had been pushed to the backburner due to the time and money constraints of new home ownership. It rained ALL DAY Tuesday, which was not motivating for errands. But, I survived.

All in all, life is pretty peachy, pretty “normal.” We hope to start working on the “wallpaper goo” on the walls in the kitchen this weekend to prep it for priming and painting. Granny smith apple green!!! We hope to have it done by the first weekend in August when my Dad, step-mom, and little sis Hannah come to visit – by the way – A VERY HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY TO MISS HANNAH J – TURNING 12 TOMORROW!!! I fondly remember holding on my shoulder in the “monkey hold” when you were just a teeny baby 12 years ago! Love you sis!!!

We promise to write more soon and post the pics from the past weekend!


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