Friday, July 13, 2007

My Birthday

The beautiful lilies that Jason gave me for my birthday. I don't let him buy me flowers on holidays, as they are WAY too expensive. But, I do appreciate the pretty flowers that he can find in season around my birthday. My favorite gifts from Jason are the beautiful and thoughtful words that he takes time to write me in my cards. We are really big on writing in cards to each other! Precious gifts!

The classic preggers pic in our kitchen! I was 30 weeks pregnant on my birthday. Cute new shirt courteous of MomJ for my birthday!

We had to take advantage of the pretty flowers that bloom in our backyard. We were blessed that the previous owner has perennials that come up for us to enjoy. Neither of us know how to or are really interested in planting new things. We just enjoy what comes up naturally!

My love and I on our way to a Mexican restaurant for my birthday meal! We celebrated with Blizzards from Dairy Queen (my all-time fav, even when I am not pregnant). We went to dinner on Saturday. We enjoyed the food and beautiful weather while dining on the restaurant's patio. Who doesn't love Mexican food on a patio, especially when you have a "buy one get one free coupon" for your dinner!?! Did I mention the Blizzard was "buy one get one" too! Birthdays, any day for that matter, are so much better when you can save money!

Thank you to all of you who sent birthday wishes and cards! I felt very loved and blessed!


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Carbon said...

oooh, i'm a coupon queen too.

I get so excited when i get deals :)

you two are too cute!