Thursday, July 12, 2007

A post that should have been in the past...

Me and my Anderson sisters! From L-R: Autumn, Trinity, Summer, Moriah, and Brittany. They did a great job dancing at their recital - I LOVE to watch them perform! I never scanned pics from my Mom's recital...naughty me. But, at least I am finally getting these images posted. Only about 3 weeks late. It was fun to have these gals come over last week for the 4th. Last year when they came we did lots of dancing in our living room. They taught me part of their hip-hop dance. I wasn't quite fit for lots of dancing at this visit!

These are my adorable little bros - Easton and Dawson. They are #7 and #8 in the lines - 6 girls followed by the 2 boys bringing up the rear! I am suprised I got them to stop long enough for me to snap this shot - they are active little boys!

We neglected to take pictures last week during their visit... I guess I was too preoccupied trying to show my mom things and get info out of her (i.e. show off all the baby's clothes and the great garage sale deals, how to get really tough stains out - some of which were on the baby's clothes, how to fix my husband's jean's button, what meal to make next, etc.)

Tomorrow's posts (if I can find the time - dang, have I been busy at work!): My Birthday and our Bible study baby shower that took place last night!

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Carbon said...

my goodness thats a big family you have! lots of siblings.

you plan on having a lot of kids too??? maybe just test out the first one and then answer that question. tee hee.