Thursday, July 10, 2008

27 and Holding

I turned 27 on June 29th. I used to start saying I was or almost was a year older in about November of each year. I always wanted to seem older and more mature. But, I have decided that 27 is good enough and has become a milestone of when I will stay the age that I am until the next June 29th!
Last year I made a fuss that I did not blow out any candles. So, this year, I blew them out 3 separate times! Including in my special birthday chocolate chip pancakes that Jason made me. I did not make him spell out my name in batter like my mom always did. But, it was sweet that he still made me feel like the birthday princess!
My mom and sibs came by last week to celebrate - chinese food and my favorite - Dairy Queen cake!


Tara said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad you guys are getting settled in your new place-- Evelyn is getting so big these days!

Anonymous said...

love the pics of evelyn...
will they be at the walmart site??

did you forget?? we were there for your birthday too..
i know... you were not feeling well with that nasty cold..