Thursday, July 10, 2008

Evelyn Around the House

Banging with her new Ikea pots and pans.
Helping me unpack the suitcase!
Grooming her to help with dishes! ;-) She's a great helper!
Yep, she learned how to climb quickly after learning how to crawl!
And pull herself up on anything!
Posing so pretty!
She likes ice!!!
Evelyn is also a great eater these days - she begs for strawberries, watermelon, and of all things, black beans! She loves to "draw" - any pen or other long object she puts onto a surface and doodles. She is doing this right now at my feet with the towel bar that we took off for painting. You can also see her tendency for drawing in the YouTube clip below. She has always LOVED that toy. She used to just eat the pen, but about 1-2 weeks ago, realized she can produce a drawing. She takes after Daddy!


Anne said...

Oh Amber - she is just adorable! I love hearing all of the fun things that she can do! That is great:) Sorry I missed my call back to you. I will soon and we should plan a time to meet up.

cjoy said...

Mine always loved black beans around that age...a great independent, pincer-grasping type of food. So long as they didn't over-indulge since we'd get black beans in the diaper later...ha.

Jennie C. said...

When it rains, it pours! There are a half dozen new posts here today. :-)

Nice to see you again, and glad you are settling in so well.