Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bleach worries...

So, I am sitting here at work on my lunch hour enjoying reading one of the blogs that I like to read, Beckie's, when I realize that I have left some clothes in a pail of bleach water for, let's see, 3 1/2 DAYS!

Beckie was talking about Cream of Tartar and a discussion was started about household cleaning products. Bleach was mentioned, and it triggered my memory!

With just two of us, I am blessed with very little laundry and I usually do it on the weekends. Sunday, I threw in a load of whites. When folding, I was devastated to find the little rag that we were wiping green kitchen paint up with! It must have gotten mixed up with the clothes. So, there was green paint all over a couple of items, including Jason's white polo shirt. I felt very badly. I am glad that it did not get on more clothing - that was a blessing. I was folding in the darkish living room, so hopefully there weren't more items that I just didn't catch! :-)

So, this leads me to why the clothes are in bleach water. I put them in there as a last ditch effort in getting the green out. I don't use liquid bleach for laundry, only powder color-safe bleach. So, I am not familiar with how much I did/might be wrecking the clothes.

Before starting this post I emailed my hubby to remind me to take them out when I get home. We are headed to his "end of the softball season" party for the church softball league right away. But, I want to get them out of there ASAP. He appropriately wrote, "Oops….If the stains aren’t out now, they never will be!" He is so sweet to me - even when I mess up! :-)

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Dawn said...


I didn't get an update on if the stains came out after all those days!
Love, Mom